Saturday, March 23, 2013

Over the Hump

That's how I feel: over the latest hurdle and ready to move on.

Today I took another big, impossibly both vague and specific, standardized test to add Early Childhood to my teaching certificate (I already hold middle grades and reading). It wasn't hard, but it's one of those that could contain questions about anything you could do between pre k and 5th grade - ya know, nearly everything. I've spent the last few weeks making Harper's nap time count by studying the water cycle and Native American tribes and decoding strategies and gym rules and dividing fractions. Basically all review, but a time-consumer nonetheless.

So I feel like I have all the time in the world again- where I don't have to feel guilty every time I'm reading for pleasure or organizing a closet or ... Blogging. Basically anything but productively studying.

I have big plans for this week: major spring cleaning and catching up on following along with Imperfect's weekly decluttering. I'm going to do something crafty. I'm going to Target alone to try to find some spring basics (with help from a gift card I've been hoarding since December ). I want to maybe go swinging again with H if the weather warms up.

Anyone else lamenting this little chilly hiccup on the path to spring? (Oh yeah - everyone. )

I feel free again and want to capitalize on this energy!


  1. LOVE the 'over the hump' feeling.

    that's how i feel/felt after my 'book club hosting' evening is done :).

  2. p.s. and here's to capitalizing on our new-found time~ and energy (that's not all allocated to the 'hump')... and being productive!!


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