Friday, June 28, 2013

Mini Me (Us?)

From the moment of her birth, everyone proclaimed that Harper looked just like her dad.  And they were right.  She really does.  Of course, she had her dark hair and eyes and tell-tale Greek skin tone (hooray!), but her features and her facial expressions all called to mind Tony.  Well, at least I have a birth story to prove she's mine!

She even acts like Tony does (and did - according to his mom!), down to the inability to sit still and the super-sized mess at dinner time.

Yet recently, mostly in pictures, I'm starting to see myself in her.  (Or, the self that I know from looking at old pictures!)

Most people say they see my eyes.  

Really, it doesn't matter to me at all, but when you are pregnant and imagining what your child will look like, you're never really right. Because she's her own, a perfect mix of both of us (even if she is a little skewed towards Tony!). But it's sure fun to compare.

{I was recently informed by a lovely blog follower (in person!) that I should blog more - so here you go!! ;) }

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  1. That's true. It is funny, isn't it, that you had this person growing inside you and you had no idea what they looked like. Pregnancy is weird like that. I was looking at Katherine the other day, and had the same thought... while pregnant, I sort of assumed she'd look like I did as a baby... but in reality, she's the perfect mix of us... with a wide streak of being her own person, too. Strange, isn't it, that they're real little people now? ;)


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