Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Road Trip, Part The First

Hi!  Welcome back to reality.

That's what I've been trying to convince myself of these past two days.  Instead, I've been doing a random load of laundry here and there and playing a whole lotta Candy Crush (why oh why did I finally download it???!) 

Last week, Tony took the week off work and we planned a cross country two states road trip.  It had been quite a while since we went to Knoxville to visit my family, so we planned to spend some quality time there (Monday - Friday).  Like most of the rest of you, we spent the week getting soaked by rain.  But it was still wonderful to spend that time with everyone and for them to all get some loving in on Harper.

[behold! collages! so you don't have to scroll through a billion of my family pictures that you don't care about!]

Cousins and grandparents, all up to no good:

Sure, get two kids to pose together.  Works every time.  Oh wait.  Not if there are caterpillars.  And dogs.  And a three year old who won't smile.  And a baby who literally eats an entire leaf/stem unbeknownst to her mom until she gags it up later.:

Swimming, right before the rain:

A baby with TWO freaking molars coming in at once.  This will make 10 teeth already! 

 Family lunch, I make em wave:

Requisite family photo - taken by my very short Aunt Patty (thus you see up our noses!):


{Part 2, Tomorrow!  Aren't you so glad??!}

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  1. Looks fantastic! There's nothing quite like some family time to make you feel like everything is as it should be.


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