Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Family Photos

Ok, I've shared this on pretty much every other social media outlet already, so forgive the bombardment, but we got pictures taken for Harper's first birthday and I love them to pieces. Now you must look at them (again, probably).

There were 29 and I totally loved all but one (I looked pregnant), so here are just a few.  I'm so excited to update some frames around my house and share some with the grandparents.

Yeah I picked the sunniest spot in Peachtree City, but she made it work! 

I could just die with how precious she looks.

We actually smiled pretty normally!

Harper ate grass! 

My two faves: 

These just capture her so well - happy, toothy, crazy-haired, chubby, and so, so much fun!

I love us.

Thanks to Dorothy Nicole Photography for these pictures!  She did a great job and was obviously great at getting Harper to smile!  Check her out if you are local! 


  1. I said it before, but I'll say it again- these are awesome. She is so cute- and I love her crazy swirly hair. I especially love the one of her swinging between the two of you- adorable!!

  2. SOOO cute Claire! More and more I see you in her -- so happy and easygoing! But boy she's got some awesome hair! :)

  3. Love these! Good family photos are the best gift B can ever give me, I've decided. And since he's gift challenged, I just arrange them yearly myself. yours turned out great!!!

  4. Well of course she ate grass!! These are great pictures!

  5. These pictures are all amazing. What a gorgeous family and that sweet girl of yours kills me. Too stinking cute! That smile is awesome!


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