Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Updates

We went on vacation!  Photos of a chubby, swimdiapered baby in the sand to come!

My digital break was great, just as it always is.  After the first day, I don't even think about it.  We even had lots of rainy, slow evenings at the beach - but I read instead of messing around on my phone.  Worth it.  Also, I found out various feeds only take you back about three days (on my phone, at least).  So anything that happened further back than that... well, I just may never know.

I got a job!!  Ok, well it's 2 hours a week... But.  It's with a tutoring company and I have one student who I meet twice a week.  It's a great chance to do something productive, make a tiny bit of money, and stay current with my teachering (a word, I assure you.).

Harper starts "school" this week (ha!).  Really it's just a Children's Morning Out one day a week, for four hours.  I know lots of moms need this as childcare or genuinely need the break from their kids - neither of which is me.  Harper is just one kid and pretty easy.  But I wanted her to have the chance to hang out with other kids, learn from them, and get to sing fun songs and such.  She can only tolerate my dancing but so much.  It's pretty inexpensive and I think she will love it!

Speaking of that child - oh my.  She is a mess.  Good mess, but exhausting mess.  This mobility thing is no joke.  She speed crawls now (starting at 12.5 months - now I am so glad she took her time!!) and pulls up on everything, cruising away and even trying to remove her hands to stand on her own.  She has no fear and still jiggly wiggly hips, which means lots of falls and lots of "uh oh!"s and a few consoling hugs.  This kid is a little terror now.  But I do love it so much - I waited so long for her to reach these milestones, and I am so grateful she is walkingish and crawling with no foot problems at all!

We came home to a giant hole in our front landscape bed by the house.  Seriously, it was a foot wide, two feet deep, and turned to a tunnel.  We were terrified (I was.).  Tony bravely shoveled out the hole, and it was empty.... but I am a little scared to know what dug it (we are thinking armadillo??).  Yikes.

What do I pack in a pre-toddler lunch box??  

It feels like fall today.  I'm trying to not get my hopes up.  But they are up... (pumpkin!!)

That is all.  I missed you guys and have a lot of blogs to catch up on.  Enjoy your week!!

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  1. Great update! Harper's Parent's Day Out program sounds great - I looked for one around here when T was 2 but couldn't find one. Sometimes just a few hours to run an errand without buckling and unbuckling a carseat is a lifesaver :)

    I say pack muffins. Or maybe just my kids eat muffins like they're candy?


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