Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh Weekend.

Happy Monday!

We had one of those fun, relaxed, enjoyable weekends over the past few days.  It was so nice that it made me realize how we hadn't had one like that in a while.  It was a chance to soak up sunshine and family.  I feel rejuvenated and determined to get out of my funk.  In fact, I promised myself I would.  So far, so good!

Will pictures make this overly-detailed, youdon'treallycareaboutit recap a little more endurable?  Yes?  Ok!

Here's a look at our weekend, mostly in Instagram snaps:

Friday we got to see my aunt and uncle on their way to visit family in Atlanta.  They live pretty far from us so we rarely get to see them - so fun they came to see us and met Harper!

We are house/dog sitting for Tony's parents, so we had the chance to use their pool whenever we wanted to (a nice perk to balance out moving all our stuff over here and wrangling four dogs). :)
Mikey and Kacy came over with the kiddos Friday night and we ate dinner and swam - there was even some diving board action.

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to go get breakfast, something we don't often do.  It was dead at Flying Biscuit at 7:30, so we didn't have to worry too much about our screecher.  It was so pleasant we decided to make it a sometimes-tradition.

Saturday it was actually sunny!  Like, all day!!  This is a straight miracle, considering it has been raining this entire summer.

We sunbathed and swam (all with plenty of spf, don't you worry).  Harper loves swimming and we entertained her with crazy diving board jumps.  She would get so excited when we counted down to jumping!

Harper flirted with using her sippy cup instead of a bottle, but then rebelled.  We are on a trial basis now...

Saturday night, Tony had his fantasy football draft... (please tell me some others of you have to endure this season of life each fall, too....).  I got to watch baby Finn for the evening.  He was (always is!) super good and so laid back, but I was on my toes feeding and changing and entertaining.  God bless the mamas of Irish twins!

A little issue when Harper saw Finn getting a bottle.  Melt.down.  

The rest of the time she wanted to crawl on him or pull his toes.  We both loved watching him smile and coo.

Sunday we went to church and spent more time in the pool.  Tony got a dose of dadding when I went to volunteer for a few hours at church that evening with some hyper Kindergartners.

All in all, fantastic weekend spent doing a whole lot of nothing.  I hope yours was just as great!


  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. B's fantasy draft is in 2 weeks. I feel like the fantasy draft is it - from there on out, I'll we'll hear about is Football.


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