Monday, September 16, 2013

These Days

Well, it's been busy since we got back from the beach!  I had to check to see what my last blog post was, since I knew it had been forever!  Nothing too crazy going on, just a lot of little things adding up that leave minimal time.  I have a lot of potential posts rattling around in my head, so I hope to be able to write about those things soon.  

I never shared some changes we've made to our living room, our beadboard re-do of our kitchen, my thoughts on our small group ending, or my latest clubfoot files.  Soon.  Very soon.

In the meantime, here's the scuttlebutt 

- Tony and I are doing the Whole30.  It's going really well and I will post about it when we are done.  But it takes some work.  Like, I am dreaming of a slapchop kinda work... Also, my dishwasher is in overdrive. But our fridge is full of fresh, healthy food and our pantry is pretty bare.  It's nice.  Also, I am cooking things.  Things that are not Ramen noodles.  So, there's that.  But planning, preparing, and eating foods has kind of monopolized our time for the past 17 days.

- I feel like we've been adrift a bit.  First, we went to the beach, then we house-sat for Tony's parents.  Then we visited my family in Knoxville for the past weekend.  It was great to see everyone, as always, but it's leaving me a bit anxious for some stability and downtime.

- Harper got sick the day we left for Knoxville   Turns out, she has a double ear infection.  Thanks a lot, Children's Morning Out!

- I got another job!  Some work from home work that will be great - just have to get my new routine going and ease into having a little less downtime and more responsibility that isn't child related.

- I have been in one of those phases where I hermit myself a bit.  I haven't felt a stitch of creativity (hence, the lack of blogging).  I have read some, but not all, of my favorite blogs, but haven't commented once (but want to!).  I haven't cared to focus on what our house looks like beyond basic sanitation.  With fall coming, I want to get in the spirit, but feeling no spirit quite yet... I haven't read any books beyond those I use for tutoring (5th grade level!).  I haven't been walking as much and my body misses it.  I've been kind of powered down here for a while.  Hoping to snap out of it.

- Oh, the chopping. 


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about your Whole30 experience. I'm fascinated by this, but not quite motivated to do it myself (yet).

  2. My entire family (myself, husband, and 2 kids) are paleo so I'm interested in hearing about your Whole30 experience. We eat pastured meats and eggs, veggies, fruits, and nuts. I do a little baking with almond flour though so we are less strict than Whole 30. After a little while you get into a groove and fit meal planning/prepping/cooking in where you can.

  3. What is a slapchop?
    Also, another job? Whatthe? Now I'm the only mom in our new group who doesn't work even part time. Thanks a lot. ;p

  4. What is a slapchop?
    Also, another job? Whatthe? Now I'm the only mom in our new group who doesn't work even part time. Thanks a lot. ;p

  5. i know EXACTLY how you feel. believe it or not, i've been feeling this way on and off for about a couple of years but even more so this past year. (wish we could talk about this rather than me trying to explain it in a short comment!) it is why i have been very on/off (mostly off this year) in regards to blogging. but i am finally snapping out of it~ and i believe- *really snapping out of it. (i'm sharing this to hopefully help!) what i realized is this~ the hermit-behavior, the unplugging from friends (from really limiting myself to keep social interaction at a very minimal/low-maintenance level), books, blogs, twitter (which i really did used to love), from shows that i used to love (food network, hgtv, rachael ray- not her food network show, but primetime!...), etc... i have somehow become apathetic. bored, and BORING. no desire to go the extra mile, to put in the extra effort... to care, to bother... i believed that my unplugging was helping me "clear the clutter" ... "simplify", but slowly i have become sort of dead inside. i have realized that i come alive when i am "plugged in" (not just to tv or online)... i become inspired to care, to try, to make the effort to do all of the "beyond basic sanitation" so that i can get to all of the rest... so i can do the diy's, make time to exercise (to look and feel good), etc... i am always open to talking/emailing more about this with you! xoxo


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