Thursday, October 31, 2013


So when your kid can't exactly walk and shouldn't eat candy, you make it work with an easy costume!

Harper, naturally, went as an aerobics instructor, Jazzercise specifically.  Her figure is just right for it.  And her dance/exercise abilities.  ;)

The boombox is a cereal box with clipart taped to it.  Made it the night before! boom.

Gotta show off to the grandparents.

Hated the headband.

We went trick or treating with our friends the Thompsons - which really meant we watched their kids run around while we pushed the littles in strollers.  I'm not that mom who's gonna take her non-walker to a door asking for candy (although, I wish I had some right now...)

Kim made a fox costume for her baby - cutest thing ever.  And very enticing to grabbers.

Hope yours was great - and enjoy that candy you stole from your kids!


  1. I freaking love Harper's little costume!!!
    Next year, Man. Next year we can steal all the candy. ;)

  2. This idea is SO cute!! Love the pink tights especially. What is it with our kids and not wanting things on their heads? Geez, you'd think they had minds of their own or something- hahaha

  3. We had a great time! Thanks again for letting us invade your hood. And we totally should have left one of ours kids' bags of candy with you.


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