Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Newest Niece Lucy Ann

It's taken me far too long to post about an exciting new addition to our extended family - our sweet niece Lucy Ann was born on October 25th.  She is the newest for my sister Courtney and her husband Byron - and Lyla's new little sister.  

It worked out well that Courtney was having a scheduled c-section, so that we could plan to be in Knoxville for the exciting day - the fresher the baby, the better, you know.  The sooner we could get her used to paparazzi camera flashes from her aunt, the better, that is.

A nice big 9 pounder!  She has soft hair and the cutest little face.   I can't wait to see her again soon!  A few hours in a hospital was simply not enough.

One excited big sis, with lots of sass (pink cowboy boots, naturally)

"She screams, huh??"

I love holding new babies.  Always  have (always).

Nonnie x3 now 

So proud of my sister.  She is a great mama!

Wonderment.  Or, we were talking about Hello Kitty or Sophia the First or something.

This kid has the longest feet!! So cute.

I hogged her. 

My parents and I

Another sweet little girl to love.  My family is allllll about some girls. 


  1. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Congratulations to your sister!!!

  2. eeeeeeee baby!! love love love- shoot, now I have baby fever.


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