Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Few Small Crafts

I wanted to throw a last-ditch post out there in 2013 of a few small things I made recently.  Why not, right?

First, I tried the blooming monogram that's all over Pinterest.  I actaully made this a few months ago for my niece Lucy's birth (well, for her mom, Lucy didn't care).  It turned out really well and was so easy!  I used colors to match her room.

I just bought the chipboard letter, used an exacto to cut the face off, painted it, drilled a couple of holes in the back so she could hang it if desired.  Then I got flowers and foam from the dollar store.  I just fit a bunch of small pieces in there, hot glued them down, and stuck the flowers in.  After I filled it with flowers, I pulled them back out one by one to stick a dab of hot glue on the stem to keep it in.  It was so easy, and definitely under $10.

Here's the thing though - don't try this with a letter like S, for instance.  I got my S cut, painted it really nice, cut all the foam, and then started sticking flowers in - and it was a big blob.  You couldn't tell what letter it was AT ALL.  Maybe if you had smaller, nicer flowers?  Dollar store ones just didn't do it.  Womp womp.  So stick with L's or C's or I's or something.

Next up on the craft docket, some little nail/string art ornaments for some friends.  I took MAJOR inspiration for these from this project made by Done is Better Than Perfect that was linked up to the Dare to DIY series.  I started with the intention of doing the country of Scotland for my Scottish friend -- annnd then I looked at what Scotland actually looks like.  Wasn't gonna happen.  

So instead I did initials and it turned out great!  I used scrap MDF and gray paint I already had.  All I had to buy was small finish nails ($.99) and some embroidery thread ($.33).  It was so easy, and definitely a "do in front of the TV" type of project.  I wanted to make some for everyone!!  A little eye hook was screwed into the top to make it an ornament!

Next I made my sister some boot socks out of an old sweater.  This is not earth-shattering, but they turned out pretty cute, I think!  All I did was cut the sleeves off and sew on a few buttons at the cuff.  So simple, and I hope she likes them!

So there you go.  Last minute crafts of 2013.

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  1. That yarn art is 100 percent on my list. I love it every time I see it and your version is fab.

    Also, I think I will be making myself some boot socks asap. That's another thing that's been on my list and I just haven't gotten around to.


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