Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dare to Entertain!

Ok, well I'm tardy to the party, as usual, but here we go...

I've participated in Kim of Newlywoodwards 's Dare to DIY holiday series for many years now, even the year I was newly pregnant and grumpy, so I didn't want to fall off the wagon this year.

This week's project was Dare to Entertain, where you DIY something for your holiday table.  I'm a bit Grinchy this year, so I haven't done too much, but I did stick some glitter on something, so it counts (right??).

While not technically on my table, our table sits against this window, so it's a big focal point of the kitchen in general.  It needed some jazzing up, especially with the dreary winter view it holds.

 I found these wooden stars at the thrift store for $.50.  They spoke to me.  They were also wrapped in that wiry tacky garland stuff.  I kind of mangled my hands un-threading it.  But worth it.  I then glittered the edges.  Boom.

They sparkle a lot more in real life.

(Complete with sad broken shade)
I usually do a big table centerpiece, but seeing as how there are 3 of us who actually eat real meals on this table now (we didn't pre-baby), I have to have function over form.  I'm also a sucker for a woodlandy holiday item.  Target is killing it this year! (I only buy clearance holiday stuff, though, so it must wait).

This toned-down but still pretty little winter scene (ha) still makes me happy.  I have gone with all gold/bronze/glittery this year with my decor (what little I can actually put out with grabby mcgrabberson 16 month old), so it fits in nicely. 

Oh, and my glitter reindeer plates from last year.  Love them.

Go check out all of the other projects featured this week at Maybe Matilda

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  1. This looks great, friend! So happy you were able to link up. I'm such a glitter fan so I love those plates still. And the stars are too cute! Love them on the window.

    I totally know what you mean about babies changing everything. Let's just say that my table was only set for long enough to take photos.

  2. This looks fabulous- I love those stars on your window!! Actually I love the whole thing. Ummm- please tell me more about those paper stars with music notes? I'm loving those especially!!

  3. Love your twine stars and glitter does seem to make everything better, doesn't it? I really like your feather cone as well. So beautiful!!

  4. I remember loving those plates last year! Your table is beautiful...perfect mix of rustic simplicity and glittery glamour!

  5. Very pretty. Glitter makes even grinches happy, right? ;)


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