Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Goals

Is it too late to write New Years resolutions?? Are you sick of reading everyone's posts about them?

Regardless of how you answered the above, today I'm sharing my goals for the new year.

(Read about how I did with my 2013 ones here.)

I'm keeping it concise this year. Just some goals that are top of mind now.

1. Make our house work for us.
After flirting with the idea for a while of trying to sell our house and find one a little larger, we decided to scrap that plan. Assuming we could actually sell without having to bring money to closing (thanks to the lackluster market, foreclosures, etc. dragging our value down), even a marginally bigger mortgage payment for a bigger place would leave us with a little less financial margin than we would like. So, that means we will be staying here for a while, likely a few years. Sure, my dreams of a playroom or a usable backyard are a bit sad, but we really do have a great house that has plenty of space.

However, there are definitely changes we can do to make our house work for us more efficiently, and to make it a happier place to be - a home we can continue loving. Some of these things we've talked about for years, but never wanted to commit to if we would soon be leaving. We plan to spend a little money (more than we would usually spend but still nothing crazy) to make the changes that will make our space livable and lovable. If we are going to be here for a while, we are gonna make it great.

2. Focus on family
We do a really great job on this already, I feel like I can honestly say. We do have a luxury of time that many don't necessarily have, yet I do think we appreciate our time we have together. Yet as our lives get busier, I want to make sure we keep that as the focus. Our family is most important - all outside stuff is second.

Now that Harper is older I want to be more intentional about us doing fun things as a family and making memories. I want Tony and I to be more intentional about our time together too - less couch/device staring and more connection. I want us to go on dates and maybe even take a trip together.  So, Family Fun times.

3. Keep fit
Well, keep working towards fitness. Don't want to mislead any of you into thinking I am fit currently. :) I want to keep eating real food whenever possible, as it clearly helped me lose weight before and we felt so good. I also want to keep at walking, with friends, Tony, solo, doesn't matter- just gotta keep at it.

4. Finally (finally!) learn how to use my camera and editing software.
I've had my camera for two years and keep swearing I will learn how to stray from automatic. Yet... I haven't. Tony got me basic photoshop for Christmas, which is equal parts awesome and daunting. I want to learn how to use both, not to impress anyone or to try to make something out of it, but simply to be better able to take good photos of our family, something I love to do.

So there we go.  4 goals - some abstract, some specific.  I think these will help us stay focused with our time, energy, and money over the next year.  Here's to a great one!


  1. Great goals! They'll keep you busy but are also totally doable. The camera thing is soemthing I'm still working on. I've learned a lot, but still default to auto a lot. Sometimes you just gotta capture a goober shot before the goober moves. ;)

  2. i love your goals. "intentional"... a huge word/goal for me/us too.

  3. I love your goals! My goal this year is to Simplify. And also to survive :) But that's pretty much my goal every year

  4. My opinion when it comes to making resolutions is that there’s no such thing as being late. The important thing is you have goals and you’re ready to accomplish it. And speaking of resolutions, you have a good list – for your family, house, and for yourself. And in terms of your house, I agree with you in keeping your house for the meantime. Maybe increase your credit score first for you to get an amazing closing offer when you finally decide to sell it. The process can be overwhelming, so it’s really a good idea to ask an expert sometimes for guidance.

    Andre @ Credit360Consulting.com

  5. With this kind of resolution, I’ll definitely never get tired of reading it. It’s very inspiring to know how you managed to keep your life productive each year. And the way you turn all the supposed-to-be problems into your advantage, that’s pretty awesome! Anyway, I hope you accomplished all of your goals, particularly the one regarding selling your house. May the value of your house increase so foreclosure will not be your only option.

    Charlena @ Weidner Law


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