Monday, April 21, 2014


Hi friends!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  In case you haven't already been bombarded by pictures of my Easterfied child on other social media outlets, here's your chance.

We went to a powerful church service followed by brunch and an egg hunt at Kacy's aunt's house.  It was quite fun (and delicious).  Harper was actually partially into finding eggs (with Tony's help), which was surprising.  Also, she wore a dress (big deal around these parts...for any of us...).

The whole gang

Hard to tell if holding the bump "accentuates" it, or makes me look even blobbier.... :)
Hope you had a great one too (and HOORAY for spring weather!)


  1. You do not look blobby!!! You're BEAUTIFUL!!!! As is your gorgeous family. :) Happy Easter!!

  2. Harper is too cute in a dress!! And holding the bump totally accentuates it- you look like a cute pregnant woman with a lovely round bump!! Happy Easter!!

  3. You look fantastic! I'm seriously envious of your gorgeous bump! You want to see blobby? Come check out my midsection.

    Also, I love Harper's dress.

  4. Looks like your crew had a lovely Easter! :)


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