Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Snaps

Remember when I used to have a blog??  Oh yeah, those were the good ol days.  I would say life has been busy, and in a way, it has, but really I've just been depleted of energy and motivation.  And that's ok.  But I don't want a big gap in our digital history, so here's a snippet of life this summer.  In photos.  And commentary. 

This kid.   She's 2 in one week and it's been amazing to me to see her grow up before our very eyes.  (Look for sappy, long post coming soon).  This is her to a T - always in motion, cheeser grin, snack in hand.

She will kiss my belly sometimes.  Usually she blows kisses, like she's doing here.  It's perfect.  Pretty sure she has no idea why I request it, but she knows it makes mama happy.

Such old news, I know... but 4th of July happened and Harper had a BLAST at our local parade.  Seriously, it was like her best day ever.  I worried she would be restless and want to run in the street or would fuss and we'd have to lock her in the stroller.  But instead, she was fascinated and sat/bounced excitedly in our laps the entire hour plus.  (side note: I'm never going to be able to break the finger sucking habit...not that I've tried yet or anything....)

She's big on trucks ("chaRUCK") these days, so when the fire truck came through AND sounded it's siren, she about died.  And honestly, I was glad I had sunglasses on because I shed a few tears.  I know it's hormones and whatnot, but seeing her so excited and so grown up was more than I could take.

With her Mimi

Just chilling in her little tiny person chair.

Papou and Mimi


She's very patriotic. 

We've spent some summer pool days with her cousins Ava and Isaac too.  Harper is meh about the pool.  She wants in but doesn't want to be in a float and doesn't want to be held but can't hold herself up in the life vest.  So she whines and wants to run around the pool on the burning concrete and risk falling in every five seconds.  Basically, it's exhausting.  Definitely not "fun" - but we're MAKING MEMORIES! 

She's so into copying these days.  She sees us do something once, and she's all about doing it herself. 

She's the muscle of this operation.

It's certainly been a task to keep her entertained and busy every day this summer.  I'm just huge and hot and going outside is not what I want to do - but of course that's all she wants to do.  

Or read her books. they all get taken out like this.  I love that she's a bookworm!

Rare pool fun.

She loves to sniff flowers.  Dramatically.

I've been trying to soak up little moments with her, knowing this one-on-one time is short-lived.

We picked blueberries!

Well, mom and dad did. 

We went to a splash pad.  Much more ideal for pregnant mom that pool chasing.

She's alllll about helping.  

And laying in random places.

Summer is winding to a close, which is hard to believe.  Life's about to change for us big time.


  1. She is ADORABLE, and just reading your thoughts on this sweet, preciously slim one-on-one time you've got with Harper gets my non-pregnant-self all verklempt. So, it's not just your hormones. ;) I have a love/hate relationship with the proud-mom-tears sneak attack. You're going along just fine, having a great time at the parade or whatever and BAM! Cue the sappy music in your head and the tears start flowing. ;) Aren't we lucky to have such perfect girls?

  2. Even though I see her all the time, I still love this post.


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