Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quinn's Nursery

In the seemingly neverending days leading to Quinn's birth, I finally got her room "finished" and took some photos, while it was still relatively clean.  I knew once baby was here it would never look this tidy.

Quinn's room is our house's third (and final) bedroom, which we had been using for a guest room/office for a long time.  It's gone through many iterations, but this is certainly it's best look.  It's unfortunate that we no longer have a guest room (or bed!), and our "office" is now a desk in our overly-crowded master bedroom, but I'm glad she can have a space of her own.  

When thinking about what I wanted for this room, I was drawn to the idea of navy and a loose star/moon theme.  I didn't want it to be themey, though.  So there are some subtle hints at that, with a navy/mint/gray/coral color scheme going on.  Keep in mind that I don't know how to use my camera so the color looks weird in these photos :)

The walls are a light gray - the same that is in Harper's room (Glidden Misty Moonstone).  I like using a neutral color so the accessories can be bolder.  I also feel like this room is less finished than Harper's.  I intentionally left some breathing room - Harper's room has quickly filled with toys and storage and other mess as she's gotten older and our needs have changed, so I wanted to let this room have the opportunity to do the same.  I know things will get added quickly as she grows.


The first thing I started on was the mobile.  If we're Instagram friends, you've heard my lament about this stupid thing.  I had grandiose plans for it.  I bought gigantic hoops because they were cheaper than I thought they would be (only a few bucks in the surprisingly-existent dreamcatcher section of Hobby Lobby!)  I punched out big and little stars in four colors.  It took me about one season's worth of Game of Thrones to do that.  Then I had to tie on all of the fishing line and glue them on.  Not hard, but tedious.  The mobile originally sported two layered hoops with many more strands.  Then I couldn't figure out how to hang it straight and nearly had a 38 week pregnant mental breakdown about it.  I finally chopped off the inner hoop and made do.  It's relatively straight.  

Now that it's up, I'm glad it's big.  It fills that space nicely and saved me from having to come up with something to put on that wall (ie: something I'm bad at - see below). 

And it's pretty.

We found the dresser at a local thrift store after much searching.  I like that it's the right height for changing diapers and also has lots of storage space in easy-open drawers.  I think it was about $50 and I didn't have to repaint it.  I did, however, paint the feet mint green.  I want to add new pulls too, but that's one day.  

I got the coral chevron changing pad cover off Etsy.  It's really the only coral thing I've got in here besides the mobile, because I found it's tricky to match "corals" in different products (pink! orange! reddish!).  Oh well!  The giant clock is ugly but essential for that early nursing phase where I fall asleep without my contacts in while feeding her and realize later it's been three hours... 

Over the dresser, I hung three wooden frames from Ikea that I bought literally 6 years ago and never used.  They are made to be wrapped like this in fabric, so I found a fun dot print for cheap and stapled it on.  I plan to make this a place to hang photos, swapping out as time goes.  I found that with Harper, I took SO many pictures of her, but they became lost in my computer files, rarely seen.  I want to display more of those this time around.  Right now, they are a bit empty! 

Harper's Big Sister photos are what I've got going for it now. 

On this big empty wall, I added some frames in a poor interpretation of a gallery wall.  It's not perfect, but it works for now.  I might change some things out and add to it as we go.  It looks more substantial in person than it does here.  (And none of the frames are too heavy or have glass in them, for safety purposes).

The highlight here is this beautiful painting that my mother-in-law painted for us.  She is so very talented and I was so glad when she offered to make something for the room.  She found the image in a book and recreated it.  The stars are golden and shine in the light.  Love it! 

The rest of the items are random.  All of the frames were thrift store purchases, and I spent only a few bucks total on all of this.  I'm not so great at art, people! 

We found this heart-shaped rock while redoing our backyard.

I love this poem.  And moon reference for the win.

The bottom "I love you to the moon and back again" print is a digital download from Etsy, the star is made from paint chips cut up, I freehanded the Quinn (can't you tell?) and the Shine baby Shine.  The little pink thing is a tiny dress I took from a baby card I got for Harper's birth (thanks Hannah!).  The circle is a plastic rattan mirror with the glass removed.  I sprayed it a glossy navy, even though that doesn't show in these pictures.  I think it looks empty, but I don't know what to fill it with...

The crib was gifted to us and is actually from Walmart.  It was half the cost of Harper's Babyletto crib and is just the same in terms of quality.  I love a modern crib.  

The curtains are a dark navy and really are blackout, which is nice (cheapos from Target).  I moved Harper's glider in here.  I've said it before - this thing is not that pretty, but it's incredibly comfortable and the perfect chair for nursing or reading stories.  The ottoman is actually an outdoor one from Target, but it matches the rest of the navy nicely.

The sheets are from BRU and are navy with little anchors.  No, the anchors don't really tie in, but I liked them.  We have stars and dots and chevron and anchors in here - babies like patterns, right?

So there you have it!  Quinn's nursery.  She seems to like it.  I like that it's open and spacious and filled with happy things.  


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the pretty patterns!! And the cute free-handed art - I'm totally jealous of your handwriting. No matter how hard I try, my handwriting always turns out: 7th Grade Boy. ;) The painting by your MIL is GORGEOUS!! What a lucky baby girl! I love that you framed the heart rock. I have a heart rock floating around that I've never been sure what to do with... I'm totally sticking it in a frame now! Thank you! :)

  2. I love it. I agree the mirror looks empty...maybe a fake flower?
    And I've said it before, but that painting your MIL did is amazing. I want one, too.

    1. Wait not a flower! A silhouette of her profile once she's a little older!

  3. I love this! I think the star mobile is my favorite!!! Just a beautiful space.


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