Monday, November 3, 2014


Back with another "got to document it on the blog for posterity" post.  One day I will write something important again... maybe when Quinn sleeps through the night... :)

Halloween!  It happened.  Kids were costumed.  Candy was eaten.

I've enjoyed making costumes for Harper the past two years (more so "curating"... as there is little making involved).  First she was a surfer girl to accommodate her clubfoot brace.  

 Then she was an 80's jazzercise instructor, to accommodate her chubby thighs.  And irony, since she wasn't walking  :)

This year I made her my spirit animal, the squirrel.  Quinn needed to get in on the action, so she's was a squirrel's bff - an acorn.

I was cheap and got thrift store clothes - thus why they look a little ragamuffiny - most weren't quite the right sizes.  Quinn's hat was from Etsy.  It's always a toss up here in GA as to whether you will be sweating to death or freezing on Halloween.  Of course the year I went light on costuming, it was super cold.  Oh well.  The running kept Harper warm.

My sweet niece Lucy turned 1 on the 25th, so my sister decided to do a Halloween bash for her party.  It was a great reason for all of the adults to dress up!  Here's her fam:

This was my most fave - my mom whipped up these costumes for her an my dad.  I doubt they've dressed up like this since college! (I have photo evidence of them in garbage bags going as the infamous California Raisins) 

My sis Caitlin pulls off witch fairly easily (I kid.)

I was a tree to go with my forest children.  The bird nest on my head was proof.

These cousins love each other, for sure! 

The costume contest winner was certainly my Grammy!  My mom made her an Elmo headband.  Incredible.

Later, on actual Halloween, we ended up having a few friends' families come by.  As the numbers grew, we realized we would need to have everyone sit outside, since our house is quite small.  There were 8 adults and 12 kids.  But Halloween is perfect for a driveway party.

We had chili and hot dogs and other good stuff and the kids played in the grass in their costumes.  We dragged out all of the outside toys we could come up with, and it worked out great.  I want to keep doing this each year (come one come all!).

Kacy as Flo - we had the perfect prop for her!

Rabid squirrel going nuts that all her friends were here!


Some of the kids:

Now all of the kids (minus babies)!

We trick or treated for a while until it started raining-ish.  

Harper did much better than I thought she would.  She was so excited to run to the doors with the other kids.  We had to carry her from house to house, but I was pretty proud of her non-meltdown in the up after bedtime excitement.  Can't wait for next year!

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  1. Your deer sister's makeup is incredible!!
    So fun! Alluvit.


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