Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Updates

Well, blogland, we still exist!  I am worthless at blogging, I recently deleted my Facebook account (it's super liberating, but I still miss it sometimes- that's when I beg Tony to update me on the world), and Instagram is about the only place that I still post - and post I certainly do - probably too often.  Oh well.  I take at least 5 pictures a day on my phone - and those have to end up somewhere, right?  (RIGHT???)  I'm @claireity66 on Instagram if we aren't already friends - I'm private but I promise to add you if you request it :)

 In no apparent order: 

1. Quinn is ON THE MOVE.  Never stops moving.  Into everything and totally exhausting.  She doesn't even walk yet.  That's coming soon, for sure. She loves death-defying feats and full-contact germ investigations.  But she is so fun and independent and spunky and we just all love her crinkled-nose toothy smile so much.  She squawks like a velociraptor and giggles the whole way down the hall to try to put her hands in Harper's potty.  

Harper was very late to develop a lot of these milestones, so this crazy explorer baby is still just so crazy to me.  With Harper, in retrospect I was very much the cruise director. I thought if I wasn't actively playing with her then I was neglecting her.  Poor Quinnie gets LOTS of unstructured, moderately-supervised independent playtime.  And it's awesome.  She's better for it.  She knows how to push the buttons on the toys to make them sing and she can climb into Harper's bed and she can spend 15 solid minutes just looking out the front door.  Yay second kids! 

2.  These two get along fairly well.  They spend a lot of time playing together, which often means Harper goes around scooping up all of the toys Quinn is going for, screaming "mine!"  We're working on it.

But then Harper will go straight to find Quinn when she wakes up in the morning, and is very adamant about singing Quinn a song when she goes to sleep.  And Quinn likes nothing better than copying her big sis.

Now that Quinn is getting bigger, they look nothing alike.  Harper got Dad's Greek look, while Q got my paleness.  

3.  We've been in our house for 8 whole years now!!  To quote myself from Instagram: 
 4. Harper!

An update on her could take ages - so here's the cliffnotes:
- Speech is going great!
- We started OT!  It's early on, but I think it's going to help!
- She is potty training.  It's a nightmare.  Somehow I thought it would be easier. (silly).  We are like 5 weeks in, and she's mostly got it, but sometimes she just doesn't even know she's gone.  I'm wondering if it's the whole "body awareness" part of her sensory issues.  Or she's just 2.  Either one. 
- She's in a big girl bed!! More on that in a different post 
- She's 3 in a week!  Crazy! 

5.  Tony got a promotion at work a few months back, which means significantly longer hours, an hour each way commute, and less flexibility.  I'm barely holding it together.  Kidding.  (not really) (sorta).

It's a great job for him and I'm so proud he got it, but moments like this sure don't happen as much as they used to! 

6. Quinn probably has an anaphylactic allergy to cashews, possibly other tree nuts.  Super!  (more on that later, we are awaiting lab results)

7.  And now, a photodump with captions: 

Fun with cousins!

She can swim this year!  And by swim, I do mean stay upright in a puddle jumper.  Last year she rolled facefirst like a helpless turtle.  So, improvement! 

We all like swimming.

Ice cream. Duh.


Big girl bed!

4th of July parade - the pouring rain didn't stop us! 

I'm going to the gym.  Have a 3 month goal.  Whatevs.

She is so big now I can hardly stand it.

This kid is heavy.

Zoo train!

I hope you're having a great summer too!!  Only 5 weeks til preschool starts - but who's counting?!?

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