Thursday, September 17, 2015

Family Photos - 2015

Boom back at you! 

I LOVE having family photos done each year.  It makes sense to do them in the summer, as that's when our babies have birthdays and it just makes sense. 

 I've told Tony that he's lucky I am NOT the kind of girl who needs nice jewelry or purses or shoes or anything to be happy.  All I own comes from Target (or my mom :) ).  But the one thing I do insist on is professional photos each year.  He begrudgingly obliges.  

This year, the fabulous Dabe of Love Dot Photography did them, and I was just so happy with it.  The kids semi-cooperated, considering it was at 6pm, and it was a little hot.  Harper made some weird faces but Dabe was so nice and patient and helpful with cajoling smiles out of them.  They are based in Macon, but if you are anywhere near this or that or the Atlanta area, check them out.  Good stuff.

Here are some of my faves! 



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