Baby Harper

Harper came into our lives in the late summer in 2012.  She is so much fun and a favorite subject of this blog.  You can read her birth story here.  She is easy-going and feisty and cuddly all at the same time.  She's also adorable.

Harper also has clubfoot and is going through the treatment process - you can read about that adventure here and here.

Here's her nursery (more here!)

Weekly (and monthly!) photos of our beautiful little girl:


  1. I read your story and just looking threw your beautiful baby girl pictures makes me so happy because I just found out my baby boy will have one club foot also and he will have the same type that your little angel had but I was so depressed and sad until I just saw your baby girls journey it really gives me hope that he will he okay because I've been extremely stressed out lately.. Thanks so much for your story I really needed this����


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