My PTC Life

Chronicling our simple lives in Peachtree City, Georgia, one day at a time.

Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by.  I like you already.

I'm Claire, and this blog is simply a little peek into our lives.  I'm twenty-something (I say that obnoxious phrase simply because I will probably forget to change this page as I keep getting older and I don't want to commit to a certain year, especially as I soon become a thirty-something...), happily married for a whole half-decade, and obviously awesome, as you have chosen to tune in for my witty words and amazing insight.  Oh, I'm also a tad self-deprecating and sarcastic.  I mean well.

My professional 'about-me' is a bit complicated at the moment.  I'm a stay at home mom right now as I raise our little girl.  I used to be in advertising then decided to get my Master's and become a teacher.  It's what I'm meant to do - I'm certified and everything - just waiting for the right time in our lives to make it official, you know, with an actual job and classroom and eager-to-learn students.  I like writing and taking pictures (not that I'm much good at either) and have never met a bowl of mac and cheese that I didn't like.  I try to stay on the optimistic, half-full side of life and I like things simple.  I'm sort of quiet and think I'm pretty nice.

If you stick around, you're likely to see Tony, my patient and endlessly wise husband since 2008 who puts up with the photos I force him to be in.  You will definitely see Harper, our first baby and the current center of our universe. She's pretty cute.

Guest appearances will be made by Sandy and Roxy, our dogs who enjoy long naps and licking the highchair.  You'll see our work-in-progress house, as I try desperately to make it a home on a tight budget.  

Our lives are simple, probably a little boring, and we like it that way.  

Hope you enjoy it here on my little slice of the internet, and welcome to our Peachtree City life.

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