Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Ate Cake

(Quintessential Harper)

Over the weekend, we had a Popsicle Party for Harper's first birthday.  It was a small, family affair, and I just kept thinking over and over about how full my heart was.  Having all of our family come together to celebrate our little girl's life was just so wonderful.  It was a sunny (one million degree) day and I think everyone had fun swimming and playing outside.

I'll share some of the "themey" parts of the party tomorrow (because what kind of blogger wouldn't do that???), but for today, here are some of my favorites of our guests enjoying the day.

There was swimming, with four fearless kiddos who loved the water:

There was lounging poolside, watermelon eating, and snoozing babies:

Harper seemed to love the cake eating portion of the day.  She was curious why we were all singing at her - but then she got in on that cake:

She ate probably half of it.  I had to cut her off. 

I love this girl.

She loves her daddy.

She had some little hands help her eat that cake:


Harper loved the ribbon and bags and bows her gifts.

It was such a great day!!  All the kids played together and Harper didn't fuss and we all ate too much sugar. 

Storm clouds were quickly approaching by early afternoon, so I forced everyone to take a quick group picture before the rain set in.  All of the kids were crying because they didn't want to get out of the pool.  Lyla was crying that she had to go potty, so she and Courtney had to leave.  Jennifer was feeding Isaac inside.  Kacy took the picture.  Harper was napping.  Finn was napping.  Only a few were looking - but I love it. 

And finally, the skies let loose and the rain poured down.  We scrambled inside and crammed into the kitchen.  Then the kids did something adorable:

Popsicle bribery - good for a solid five minutes of kid wrangling.

Happy first birthday, Harper Kate!!  We love you to the moon and back.


  1. Such a precious girl! Congrats on one year, and Happy birthday, sweet Harper!

  2. I love how serious she is about cake!!! Me too, Harper. I think we could be good buds. ;)
    Congratulations on surviving and thriving in the first year!!! You guys have been through so much, and have handled it with such grace. You rock. :)

  3. Sweet party, Harper! What a fun idea, Claire!


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