Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frosty Paws

A rare treat for the pups- but we are getting ready to celebrate Roxy's Septober 34th birthday (ie: imaginary date of birth).  And they get soooo into it - totally worth it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Chalky

It's certainly not an idea I concocted myself. Basically anything DIY I do at my house is something I'm shamelessly copying from another blogger. Whatev.

Chalkboards are gettin' around lately, and I have to admit I was a little too eager to make one of my own... luckily I had the perfect place to put it and found the perfect thrift store piece to transform into my own little slice of blackboard bliss.

Oaken something-or-other in need of some tlc:

With the addition of Krylon "Global Blue" and some chalkboard paint, here's the beauty now:

The skinny cabinet side in our kitchen was just the right space for this. I thought of going with the oldey but goldey (that's the way I say it, ok???) white or black frame, but I took a little inspiration from our bright blue pot holders to add a pop of color in our otherwise neutral kitchen. I love it!!

Now when Tony uses the last of the olive oil or something, we can write it down right away (...instead of leaving the empty bottle in the cabinet to be discovered with much chagrin on another day...not to mention any names or anything....Tony.....)

The board was $4. Sure, the chalkboard paint is a little pricey - like $8 - but I only used a little and there is plenty left over!

So is the blue a good pop of color or a little scary??? I'm thinking it's a success. I'm also thinking of painting the dog feeding thingy the same... who knows!
**Let's pretend it doesn't look crooked in the picture....
I'm linking this to Kimm of Reinvented - Trash to Treasure Tuesday - check it out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo Shelf Transformation

I bought this old shelf at a garage sale for $.25. It seems like someone had made it themselves, and the paint job was less than desirable. But I had a quarter that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I just had to have it.

6 months later (and six months of Tony nagging me "Why do you buy stuff when you don't even know what you are going to use it for??") I finally decided what to do with it. Give it time, Tony!

With a little sanding and some beloved spraypaint, it was transformed into a decent looking photo display shelf for our guest room. I just used the cheap flat black paint (because this sucker needed a loooot of coats) and then topped that with a shiny clear coat layer to protect. I like how the sides are curved -- a little dimension, ya know..
The builder of this fine shelf had already included brackets, which are mostly covered by the photos, so installation was a snap -- and I think I actually hung it level - amazing! I have a photo of each of my grandparents on the shelf and a few assorted others. The mirror was a gaudy gold number from Goodwill that was $1 (and sat around for even longer than the shelf until I found it a home!). I'm not dead set on the accessories, they were all just things I had lying around already, but it fills a blank wall nicely and gives me a place to display photos.
Not bad for about $2!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This weekend marks 2 super-exciting things: My 1 Year Blogiversary, and My 100th Post! Woo! (it's like a solar eclipse or black hole or something...)

Too bad I don't have anything thaaat exciting to mark this, but I just want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging over this past year (at the rate of a post ever 3.65 days, at that! Not too shabby).

I love the people I have "met" through the blog world. It's great to have honest input on house questions, connection with family and friends across the country, and encouragement on life events - from those I know, and those I don't. I get so much inspiration from all of you other real bloggers out there who actually post interesting stuff - and I hope that my humble little blog inspires or at least mildly entertains you every now and then!

I'm off to begin decorating for fall!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beach Bunnies

Of course, I'm referring to myself in a bathing suit the dogs.

We spent fabulous 5 non-working days in St. Augustine over the weekend, and it was a needed and relaxing close to the summer. I feel like I've successfully maxed out my beach time in these few months and I'm ready to take on falling leaves and cooler temps.

We ate too much food (Kilwin's, Rita's, and Shaved Ice to name a few key standouts!), played in the waves with the dogs, and got some sun when it was actually shining.

Adios summer. See you next year.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Kitchen

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of choirs of happy children singing and doves flying through rainbow-filled skies …. as I open the door to my fancy new fridge! (I didn’t want to go overboard by saying there were angels singing…)

Who would have thought major appliances would take the place of clothes and jewelry as the objects of my desire???

We had a lot of white happening in our kitchen due to the plethora of white cabinet doors – and the white fridge and yellow stove didn’t help one bit.


Now we are the proud owners of a new baby stove and fridge. The black/stainless mix we have now is as close as we’re gonna get to having a fancy kitchen. The darker colors help break up the white and will definitely help sell the house later on down the road.

*we aren’t planning on moving any specific time soon – but since we know this isn’t our “forever house” we are trying to only make big improvements that will help house value/are selling points to make the best use of our money - but only if it makes us happy in the meantime!*

The fridge is bigger and BETTER! And our stove was original to the house – ie – OLDER THAN ME. So it is nice to cook on a flat surface (no more sliding all of the food to one side of a pan to accommodate the askew burner) and not worry about 25+ years of gunk getting in our food. And by cook, I do mean, watch Tony cook for me.

And we got quite a deal on these babies, so that helps!

Um.. by the way - the fridge isn't that shiny in real life...

Our house is finally starting to look nice – floors, updated kitchen, … woo!!

Now on to that list… --->

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

House To-Do List

I like reading the monthly goals that a lot of other blogger girls post. However, I know my limitations. I can't commit to one particular month in which to do something.

But I CAN commit to finishing our home to-do list sometime between now and when we move. Good enough??

Whenever I show a little project on here that I have done, I always feel the need to caveat it with a "yes, I realize we haven't done this this and this, and oh yeah this" list -- just so you people are fully aware that I am aware of the less-than-good parts. House insecurity, let's call it.

To avoid this editorial necessity for future DIY attempts, I'm going to put our house to-do list on here so I can feel fancy when I get to cross something off!! Some things are fixers, some are buyers.

Here's the rundown, in no particular order:

  • Do quarter round and finish thresholds for floors
  • Crown moulding
  • Paint the peely and chippy trim
  • Paint the office (I'm sick of Builder's Beige)
  • Get carpet replaced in guest room and office
  • Sofa, Chairs, Other Seating Solution?
  • Fix bathroom exhaust fan (mold, anyone?)
  • Put in wood blinds in guest room and living room (peepers no more!)
  • Backyard (don't we need a plan of action first?)
  • Gutters (waterfalls are great and all ... )
  • Fix water flow issues from neighbor's yard (again with those waterfalls)
  • Fix laundry room layout/drywall holes/paint/exhaust?
  • Fix shower door so it doesn't leak
  • Buy new desk for office (for blogging comfort, of course)
  • Switch switches (we're living with half almond, half white - tragic!)
  • Refinish guest room furniture
  • Buy bookcase for living room
  • Hang curtains in living room
  • Rug for bedroom (dog nails clicking in the night)
  • More front yard landscaping
  • Finish spraypainting kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Repaint exterior doors
Whew! That's short and sweet! I'll have that done in no time!! I'll start right after I go out back to trim the money tree ;)
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