Thursday, April 24, 2014


Harper has been a bit of a beast these last few months (6 may be pushing it, but at least the past 4...).  I think it has to do with her age and her ability level - she knows what she wants, but can't always physically do it or communicate about it.  And it was the longest.winter.ever.  And I was feeling like garbage and probably did not engage her as much as I should.  She would scream, throw fits, about practically anything.  My jolly, rolly baby was no more - I had a screaming, angry, strong-willed little monster... (who was sweet sometimes).  She would fall down and hurt herself constantly, just prolonging the screaming.  She was always unhappy with something.

We're both finally coming out of our funks, it would seem.  She totally thrives outside.  She yells "siiiide" often, begging to go out.  Then she gets mad when I insist she puts shoes on.  So it goes with toddlers.  

She is able to do more physically, and her vocabulary grows by the day.  I don't feel nauseous every second anymore (yay!), and we get out much more.  We've explored many playgrounds and the front yard and Target multiple times.  We play with friends and she LOVES school.

The other day, it hit me, with surprising force --- I need to really enjoy this time I have with her, just her, my first baby.  Her sister is due in a few short months, and while I cannot wait to love this baby and see Harper experience the joys of having a sister, I know this time is fleeting with my oldest girl.  

I never even really thought about it until the other day.  I need to snuggle her as much as I can, read Llama Llama 100 more times than I already do, run my fingers through her baby curls, sit her on my lap while there's still a bit of room... Sure, I will be able to do these things when the new baby comes, but it won't be the same.  My love for her will still be just as strong, but my time will be more limited.  She won't get my attention 100% of the time (she doesn't now either, but that doesn't stop her from trying...).  While I know having a sister will be one of the best blessings of her life, I just want to make sure I soak up every minute of this time as a family of three.  I want to spend less time counting down minutes til naps or glorious bedtime, less time being frustrated with the epic messes she creates, less time willing the days and weeks to go by faster.  I want to live each moment, now, while it's here.

This unique time with my firstborn is fleeting.  I want to cherish every moment of it.

{{On a different note:  One of my best friend's little sister recently got a very shocking cancer diagnosis and is in the process of starting treatment.  My heart breaks for her (she is too young, too sweet) and I can't imagine the pain her family is in.  Please say a little prayer for her and her family... and hug your loved ones tight}}

Monday, April 21, 2014


Hi friends!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  In case you haven't already been bombarded by pictures of my Easterfied child on other social media outlets, here's your chance.

We went to a powerful church service followed by brunch and an egg hunt at Kacy's aunt's house.  It was quite fun (and delicious).  Harper was actually partially into finding eggs (with Tony's help), which was surprising.  Also, she wore a dress (big deal around these parts...for any of us...).

The whole gang

Hard to tell if holding the bump "accentuates" it, or makes me look even blobbier.... :)
Hope you had a great one too (and HOORAY for spring weather!)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Life Lately

It's funny, because it seems like some days are so long... yet the days rush by and weeks and it's practically summer and Baby #2 is practically here and... you get the idea.  Here are some things we've been up to.

  • HEALTHY BABY #2!!!

If you've been reading for a while, you might recall this post in which I shared about our experience in finding out Harper had clubfoot (at our 20 week ultrasound).  And of course I've written a ton about that since.  But needless to say, we were hoping for different results this go round. 

The result of having clubfoot for subsequent children is very low, practically the same odds as getting it in the first place, but this time, I was nervous it would be something worse.  I've written to so many parents about how clubfoot is really not that bad and there are so many worse things out there --- so I started to worry we would be dealing with one of those other things.  Not actively worrying, but it crossed my mind.

When I laid down on the table to do the ultrasound, I was hit with such a wave of panic that I really felt sick. Despite what I just said above, I wasn't really worried until the minute that baby popped up on the screen.  I found myself being a crazy person (go figure) and thinking outlandish things like - omg it looks like the baby doesn't have hands or feet!  (when the sane part of me knew it was just the angle).  Yet, my fears were for nothing as the tech assured us that all looked well (usually they don't tell you anything, but we shared with her how she had found clubfoot with our first, so she was more obliging).  She even took the time to really show us the baby's legs and feet in detail, explaining how the angles showed that everything was great with them.  She even pulled up Harper's old pictures to show us the difference.  It was so cool to see those old ones (we never got printouts of those - they just saved them) and know what we were looking at when we saw the foot.  We never really knew that then. 

What's funny too is that we probably had 10 ultrasounds done total with Harper, and this ultrasound on Baby 2 was significantly clearer than any of Harper's ever were.  It was amazing to see her in such detail.  I also found my placenta is in the front, which explains why I haven't felt a ton of movement.  Harper straight up punched me for 6 months, so it's weird to only feel muffled rolls.  I'm hoping as she gets bigger I will be able to feel more (and we will be able to feel it from the outside).  I miss that part.

Seeing a perfectly healthy baby - such a wonderful, heart-filling blessing.

((We also picked out her name and made it official!))
  • Projects!

We have a whole slew of things we want to do pre-baby, and it's taken some focus to be able to prioritize them, figure out how we're paying for them, and get down to business.  18 weeks or less to go!

First, we are tackling our backyard.  This got pushed to the front, as planting is time-sensitive before heat wave comes, and since we want to be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor this summer.

So far we're doing fun things like fixing a retaining wall and digging irrigation. Not pretty (and stinking expensive!), but all essential to prevent any new plants we will plant from being flooded out.  More on that later.

  • Nursery dreaming
I'm painting the nursery the same light gray as Harper's room, choosing to bring in colors in the form of accessories.  I'm going with navy, coral, and gray... like this...
Nursery if a girl
I haven't actually started on a single thing... but it's kinda there in my brain... Also, it's funny how I'm going totally the opposite direction with this room than with Harper's.  With hers I felt I had to have it perfect - everything new and pretty and coordinated.  This one is going to be a whole lot of borrowed and mismatched.  But full of love.  That's what really matters, right?

Can't wait to get started!

**Have a great weekend everyone!!  We are off to celebrate our sweet niece Lyla's birthday.  She's turning 4, but I'm pretty sure she was just.born.  Slow down babies!
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