Friday, September 12, 2008


This past weekend, we went to Greenville, SC with Kacy and Mikey, and Tom FOX. We have traveled across the GA border to this cute little town before, but this time we were able to stay longer. Furman is here, but we all really love the downtown area. From what I hear it is a recently renovated area - rundown stores being replaced with boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries. It is a very walking-friendly downtown: as many of you know- I spend 3 hours every day in the car driving to and from Buckhead in Atlanta for work - so I can appreciate a good walking town.

The thing I love most is how "green" the city is. Green in the literal since - trees, grass, est. The Reedy River runs thru town, and what better scenery to base a rejuvenated town around than a natural falls park. Downtown culminates in Falls Park, where the river washes over giant rock outcroppings and gently falls downhill. They have created a beautiful park and paths around this, and everything is so clean. Most of the unique restaurants downtown have outdoor seating, and trees line the wide sidewalks. ...Perhaps this is an idyllic view of a place we have been only a handfull of times, but nonetheless, I can appreciate a quiet, yet cultural, town.

Each time we go there, and especially this time, we joke (is it joking, or are we semi-serious?) that we should move there. The amazing thing about the city - is it in the water? - is that there seem to be young couples with babies in tow everywhere! But it's not the annoying kind of crash-into-your-heels-and-make-you-bleed kind of stroller-pushers. Everyone is cute, young, and happy (my idyllic view again?). It seems to be the kind of place where you go to raise your children and lead a simple life. Plus, we would we be close to the Atlantic coast, which my 18 years of going to the Outer Banks has endeared me towards. And there is the best ice cream shop in the world there - Spill the Beans. And there are quite a few ad agencies in Greenville....

Regardless, we had a fun weekend, and it doesn't hurt to wonder, does it? Often we visit places and talk about moving there - the grass is always greener right? Besides, since we have 7 (yes, seven) houses for rent on our street alone, I doubt we will be going anywhere any time soon!

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