Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Another post about GRASS? Seriously?"

Yes, another post about grass. Sorry, that's the kinda stuff that excites us these days!

We have done some work in the backyard, as I alluded to a while back. The grass was pathetic (weeds, really) and we weren't feeling the wobbly brick surrounding the patio. In our dreaming, we had envisioned a deck for this area. But we've come to the decision that perhaps it's just not worth it for this house. So now we are embracing the patio, like it or not!

As a reminder, here is what we started with....
We planted grass, and as of today it's about 50/50. Half mud, half green guys. Not exactly the lush green carpet we were hoping for, but I guess that's the best you can hope for when you have an insane dog who does 100 mph laps around the yard on a daily basis. Her paws can do more damage in 2 seconds than you would imagine... see below.

The area around the patio was taking the worst hit - it just WASN'T growing - and the patio just looked kinda stark with no border.

So we gave up and shoveled up what little grass had grown around the patio and put in plant beds. We planted gardenias on the sides, and hostas on the front, with a little walkway in the middle to get you out into the yard. They are small now, but we know the gardenias will eventually be huge, and we're hoping they will close in the patio and make it nice and cosy. Even now, the beds make a HUGE difference!! They define the space so much better.

Unfortunately, Roxy does not understand the concept of stepping stones. We have had to line up the chairs in a barricade to force her to go on the path. Usually, she just jumps the chairs. We have had some minor casualties, but so far I think the plants are all still alive. The gardenias even have a few blooms, so they must be doing alright at least!

And as for the grass, I guess that's what reseeding is for.

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