Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making It Official

We've lived in Peachtree City for two years now, and there was always something missing from our lives --- a golf cart. We would see happy families cruising down the paths and would look on wistfully. We would see the little parking spaces in front of Target and wish we could park there. We would shamefully ask to borrow Mikey and Kacy's when family and friends came to town...

You just can't take full advantage of the paths on foot.

Well ok, we were fine with not having one, but when the opportunity to get one at a really really great deal presented itself, we just couldn't pass it up! Our neighbor got a new one, and they were willing to give us the neighbor discount on their old one (practically half of what it would cost from someone else!). This baby isn't new - it's a 1996, but hey, it runs - and with a few tweaks will be in perfect order. It's kinda a creeper uphill, but it hits a good 5 mph downhill (or, that's what it feels like, they don't exactly have speedometers...)

We've already found many occasions to use it, and the dogs absolutely love it! Sandy starts this bizarre happy longing whining thing the minute we turn it on, and she doesn't stop the whole way! Roxy stays on it due to the death grip and leash combination we use to keep her stationary...

Now we really belong! Who wants a ride?? :)


  1. OMG- you are hilarious! Love it.

  2. YAY - you have now fully transitioned into a true PTC'er! I love it:) I can't wait to come and visit - hahah!


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