Saturday, November 28, 2009

DIY Tinsel Tree

I feel so crafty!

I finally got around to doing a little DIY Christmas decor project that was two years in the works.  I saw this idea on TV 2 years ago, and decided I was going to do it (insert excitement and ambition).  I bought the necessary materials.  Then..... I got lazy.  And this little project got pushed off to "next Christmas" ..... then the next...... but FINALLY I got up enough energy to do this 30 minute project (whew...that was tough)

This is a simple tree that's super easy and cheap to make.

First, you start with a tomato cage.  I think it was $1 when I bought it, but you might need to account for inflation and the rise in standard of living to calculate it's cost in today's currency.

Gather the ends at the top into a point so it makes a cone shape.  Use zip ties to hold them together.  Leave a little extra at the top so it will stay and won't pop off.

Next, thread a strand of lights up through the cage from the inside. [important note: make sure the lights actually work before doing all of this to avoid anger management issues] Zip tie the lights in various places on the cage to keep them spread out, including hanging them from the top.  I used icicle lights, because you get more bang for your buck in terms of lightage.  Make sure to leave a little tail sticking out with the plug end.

I then wrapped the outside of the tree skeleton with tulle that I had leftover from my wedding decor, to keep the garland from sinking into the open parts of the cage.

I happened to have some sparkly thingys that I got a few years back (they were meant as New Years place settings, I think). You could always use feathers or tall vase filler or anything else that looks right. I zip tied these to the top.

Next, gather up some tinsel garland shiny stuff (you will probably need 3-4 sets, and the thicker it is, the better).  This is great to buy on sale after the holidays - it's super cheap and prevalent (unlike those stupid mirrored trees that are always immediately gone on the 26th).

Start at the bottom, and hotglue the garland along the base of the cage.  Keep winding it up and around, gluing in intervals along the vertical "bones" of the cage.  You don't need a ton of glue.

Keep going til you hit the top.  Plug it in, and enjoy!

(it's glows a lot more in person!)

I've linked this to A Soft Place to Land's DIY Day - check it out!

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