Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Moving

Without sounding like every other typical girl out there - I have to say that I'm definitely not satisfied with my weight/fitness level right now.  We've become slackers about going to the gym (and it's seriously two minutes from our house, so that's sad).  Without complaining about how enormous I am 20% more than I weighed on my wedding day or making excuses I'm lazy , I'll just say that I'm on a bit of a timeline to get myself in gear. 

My lovely friend Adrienne is getting married in May, and I'm super excited that this is my first time being a bridesmaid.  She picked out lovely dresses, and mine is being whipped up somewhere right now.  I tried on the store sample - and it fit - just was a little tiny bit snug borderlinewon'tzip .  So, since I don't want to look like I'm squeezing into a hotdog casing in a few months - I have a lot of work to do!

I've tried the route of setting a goal of working out x times per week.  I always make excuses.  And while that still needs to happen, I needed a better way to track what I was doing and become motivated by that.  So I've decided to copy what I've seen a lot of people do - track the miles I've ran in 2010 and post it here.  But let's be honest - I'm not a runner and I won't be posting miles in double-digit increments.  And half of the time I use the elliptical anyway.  So I'm calling it "miles moved" instead.  Because I've decided moving  myself in someway is better than nothing.

[side note: I happened to have gotten some free NikeID shoes through work (yay french benefits haha!) which allow for you to use the Nike+ tool to track your workouts, but it doesn't work with the two types of ipods I already have - classic and shuffle... which is very frustrating!]

I'm late into the year getting started, mainly because I was sick for the first few weeks of the new year :( and I've since been working late at work, and simply didn't have the energy to workout when I get home at 8 (after 1.5 hour commute home) and go to bed at 10 (cue sad violin music).  But this week marks my official start - 1.2 miles moved!  (please don't mock me...)

I will keep track at the bottom of the blog as the year goes on, and maybe by December I will have reached double digits...


  1. Awesome Claire! I am proud of will do awesome. I am always up for a walk...just call me whenever. It is a special treat when I get to have company that can actually talk back to me when I exercise (no offense to Shayla and Kaly).


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