Monday, October 11, 2010

The One Where Claire Goes to NY

As evidenced by my last post, I spent part of last week in New York.  

Drawbacks:  1. It was for work  2. It rained  3. I look like a country bumpkin every time I go there. 

Totally Cool Parts: 1. I got a window seat  2. I got to eat some fancy foods  3. I stayed in a pretty amazing hotel.

Let's explore, shall we....

We stayed at The Standard, and I can assure you, I was definitely not hip enough to even sleep there.

The place did not skimp on attention to detail.  My bed was straight outta Ikea.

Showering in complete, 100% privacy transparency

 You could essentially shower and look out at the city skyline.

This was my view while laying in bed. 

I think maybe someone important flew by in helicopter formation, but I'm totally too lazy to Google it.

The hotel from the outside:  Apparently people take improper advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows to put on a little nighttime show...

Elevator lobby:

Once the clouds parted, I could see the Statue of Liberty.  From my bed.  

French benefits of my job, I tell ya.


  1. Oooo I love fun hotels! And NY is awesome in any weather. When are you coming to Philly for work??? We love country bumpkins!!

  2. So, really what you're saying here is that you can pretty much have an amazing NY experience straight from your bed! And then you wouldn't have to worry about the whole bumpkin thing:)... or the rain.


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