Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reaching the Masses (of PTC...)

Oh my gah you guys.  

A few people other than my parents (and their friends!) read my blog.  Luckily, one of those recent readers happened to be the editor of the local paper in Peachtree City (Today in Peachtree City).  Now, you would never guess it by glancing at this lil' blog - but I do, in fact, live in Peachtree City, GA.  The name pretty much gives it away.  I know you stalkers were wondering. 

You can not imagine my smile of sheer delight when said editor asked me if I would like to contribute to the paper on a regular basis - um, YES.  I have always loved writing, so being able to have a secondary audience (I still adore you, dear blog readers, my first loves) to blabber on and on to makes my heart skip a beat.

And seriously, who didn't get excited as a kid when their elementary school self got their picture in the paper - on the school field trip to trap raccoons (I grew up in Tennessee - if that explains it...)?  That was the highlight of the year if your face ended up in the paper - even in a background.  So it's like that - times a million - to be able to know I will have a weekly column in the paper! 

Mostly I will wax poetic about the same nonsense I write about here - with a little bit of a local flair.  Everyone please cross your fingers that I am able to come up with 52 topics of conversation a year!  

Yes, it's true.  I'm fancy pants. 

Check it out below and let me know what you think!  [and by that, I mean please only say very nice things to make me feel better about myself!]

Being the narcissist that I am - I am going be scanning these articles (hello technology!) for my parents anyone who wants to read --- they will be on one of my pages up yonder on my header.

...Woah giant face...


  1. Yayyyy!!!! So proud of you Claire! Its about time your amazing writing skills be put to good use!! Love you!

  2. Dear Miss (Mrs.) Fancy Pants,

    I love reading your poetic nonsense, your incessant humor, your deep thoughts (Handy style), your over-the-top creativity, and your obsession with finding a downright amazing bargain. There is no way possible for YOU not to come up with 52 stimulating topics of conversation.

    Your parents must be incredibly proud. Just remember us little guys, your true fans.

    Your Blogger Friend,


    P.S. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I'm an over-exclaimater)

  3. Congratulations girlie!!! That is so awesome!!! Keep up the great ideas and writing!! Keep us posted on how it's going with this!! yay!

  4. dude. for reals? that is amazing! i'm so proud of you! How do I get a subscription??? hehe

  5. Claire,
    I'm just glad you agreed to do it. Your first two columns have been a delight and I have heard good things from our readers. Keep up the great work. Your first check mails today.

  6. This is seriously amazing, Claire. I've completely fallen off the blog reading bandwagon, but I just am so excited for you.


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