Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Cake Pops!

I told you about Kacy's baby shower yesterday, and here's one more thing I whipped up for it - cake pops! 

Bakerella is the indisputable queen of cake pops, so I followed her instructions to make some of my own.

Seriously, go check out her beautiful creations (with basic instructions here) if you haven't already.  Amazing!  Mine were much more simple - pink pops with blue ribbon - since Kacy is having one boy and one girl.  It was messyish, but they were delicious.  A great party favor for any occasion! 

Hint:  if you are making some of your own, I found the sticks and bags at Walmart - but look in the cake decorating section in the party aisles near the cards - they aren't where you would expect them to be!

Yum!  There might have also been some "mess ups" that Tony and I had to eat.  Shucks.


  1. Ah! So cute! I've actually never seen cake pops, so these are really blowing my mind.

    And a real shucks about those duds you had to eat...don't you hate that? ;)

  2. Adorable! I need to try these. I've known about them, but never tried them out. Maybe I will for Joseph's first birthday. Mmm. Mess ups... I can taste them now.

  3. OMG - I LITERALLY dreamt about these things the night after the shower. It's not possible to express in words how good they were...but wow.

  4. So darn cute, Claire! Love these and really need to try them.

  5. I refuse to look at those pictures... I'm on a super health kick- and if I made anything of the sort, I'd have to eat more than is appropriate.

    (they do look super delicious though... AND, more importantly, you are making progress on that resolution!!) =)


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