Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our New Yard

I love a good before and after - especially when the results are instantaneous!  Friday I posted the old state of our yard - (refresher)

A nice shade of dead...

Tilled up
Behold, lovely strips of new grass!  Immediate results - can't beat that! 

Even better, Tony managed to do 100% of it himself while I was at work!  My kind of chore!  Not that it was easy for him - he ended up looking like a hot mess...

We put sod down in the back yard too!

He at least got to play with a machete. 

Isn't it lovely?

We also took out that old ugly holly that was blocking most of the end window.  It was growing funny, too close to the house, and blocked all of the sunlight.   Three new baby azaleas took it's place.

As if that wasn't proof enough, check out this comparison:

And even better - this look back from day one to today - 4 years in the making.

Yay curb appeal!

ps - it's pretty much inevitable that I always talk about grass on this blog.  First - it's in my header.  Second - one of my very first posts was about the green stuff.  I love grass, what can I say??


  1. WOW! What a huge difference.

    It looks wonderful!! And have I mentioned what a great guy you have on your hands?? :)

    I hope you had fun with your sister!!

  2. It looks SUPER great, Claire! Never underestimate what some new grass can do for curb appeal? :)

    I certainly hope that someday, when I get hitched my hubby will be as kind as yours and take care of the messy tasks while I'm away! :)

  3. It looks great!!!! Wow!

    And I got a good kick out of "a nice shade of dead."

  4. Oh man, that looks like the kind of project that I'd try to convince John to do. Its super easy, I'd say, Claire's hub did it all real quick-like! You can use a machete! SO then he'd start, realize how much work it actually was and promptly want to kill me. Oh and it looks friggin awesome btw, I love an quickie before and after!

  5. That front view looks so great! It's awesome to have handy husbands--I'm like you, he can take care of the manual labor and I'll do something easy like painting :)

    I've just gotta say--those rockers you have on the front porch look like the perfect place to sit with some iced tea and read a book. :)


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