Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back on the Internets!

I'm back!  I'm sure it was fairly obvious, but my digital hiatus coincided with our beach vacation/ my sister's wedding.  It was glorious (both the trip and the break from the world)!  Turns out, I would have been on a digital break anyway, since we couldn't get any service on phones or computers at all.  Otherwise, I would have popped in to say that I had the opportunity to guest post over at Shannanigans!  Did you check it out??  If not, head over there now and do so!  If you aren't already, you should stick around for Shannon's hilarity.  For reals.

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  1. I so, so admire your internet-free candor! :) I've thought of doing the same previously. Sometimes I realize that all I've done is stare at a screen all day. How sad is that?

    I hope you'll share what life was like during your little detox. :) Oh...and I hope it involves some wedding photos!


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