Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Oh hey, remember me???  

Yeah... sorry.  Well, I'm feeling totally Grinch-ish this year, finding it impossible to get in the holiday spirit.  But I couldn't leave December without infusing this blog with some Christmas cheer.

Luckily, Kacy, her mom, and her aunt had the great idea to make Christmas cookies (and other goodies) and I was able to get in on that festive action.  And I got to eat a bunch.  Victory.

Ladies working hard!

Parks was helping in his own way.  Marlee was sleeping. :)

So domestic.


First batch - later ones were much prettier.  I was too busy eating them to photo them.

Parks wants a taste!


  1. I kinda feel like eating cookies right now.

  2. That dog bone has a suspicious shape...


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