Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The early signs of spring.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The one lone daffodil in our yard... hoping we don't have a sudden freeze to kill this little guy.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm a pathetic blogger, I know.  Here's an update on what has been keeping me too busy to blog... (alternate title:  Claire Whining)

- Well, obviously the most important update as you saw on Saturday - we're having a girl!!  I'm so excited, and luckily, all of my plans and daydreaming all centered around a girl by default, so I can actually move forward with those plans!

- Student teaching is going great!! I have a fabulous mentor teacher at a fabulous school!  I'm there full time, just like the real teachers, so I really get to see what it's like.  I can't wait to be a real teacher with a real classroom and real kids!

- I go to class two nights a week - an hour drive directly from leaving the middle school to downtown Atl, 2 1/2 hr class, then back on the road to drive home.  Those are long days that make for swollen ankles.

- I've been having a rough month or so as my nausea is still going strong (ugh) coupled with a sharp pain that developed below my bottom right rib.  Turns out that's where your gallbladder is and pregnancy hormones frequently cause mayhem down there.  A blood test and an upper body ultrasound later, turns out I have gallbladder sludge.  Sounds lovely, right?  Basically there's not much to be done, and luckily it isn't gallstones that would require surgery while pregnant, so that's a huge relief.  It's just pain to endure for a while.  Oh well, I guess you're worth it baby girl :)

- I feel so bad for our poor nutrient-deprived baby girl.  Vegetables and meat are still a major turn off, so I'm trying to sneak in fruit and other healthy things here and there.  Currently liking the Odwalla protein monster drinks that are strawberry and vanilla flavored - go down a little easier than ground beef.

- I keep saying that my only craving so far has been "not eating" - but I think it's changed to cheese sandwiches from Schlotzsky's.  OMG so good.  Yes, just cheese and bread, but so delicious.

- I hope to post about my nursery ideas soon.  I'm definitely doing a heather gray type wall color, possibly with wide horizontal stripes on one wall (darker or lighter gray).  The accent color will either be coral or a yellow/turquoise combo.  Not sure.  But either way, shall be pretty - check out my pinterest board for my inspiration photos so far:

- I miss you all!  I've been reading your blogs on my phone and making comments in my head - maybe one day I will commit them to actual typing :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we were so excited to find out that our little baby is a girl!  

Tony's brother and wife got us a gift certificate for a 3d ultrasound place for Christmas, which I probably never would have thought to go to, so we got to find out a little early!  It was such a thoughtful gift and I was so excited to use it today.  And my dad was able to come down for the day just for the viewing (sadly my mom couldn't make it -we missed her!) - Tony's parents came too - and we got to all find out together.

Baby girl was a wiggle worm!  And this is with me having no caffeine in 4 months!  She was crossing her legs and squirming and making it very difficult to get that crucial shot - but when she finally did, we got proof she's all girl!  She kept bringing her hands to her mouth, and apparently she's using the placenta as a pillow :)

Arms, legs, fingers, toes, strong heartbeat, clear spine - I couldn't have been happier!  Getting to see her all healthy and wiggling was so amazing.  

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - thought it was a boy.  But I was convinced it was a girl - Tony too.  I can't wait to add another little baby girl to all of the others in our lives! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I finally tested out the new camera on human subjects!  (Still in auto)(maybe I will actually learn how to use it... in May...after school is over...)

Little people courtesy of Kacy and Kim  :)
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