Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby Talk

Ok, so it's t-minus 4 weeks left of student teaching and my classes!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  While I have loved my time in the classroom this semester, I am ready for a break!  Baby is too, I think.  We need to get her room in order :)  It will be back to blogging some time soon, promise.

- We went to the doctor today, and I was relieved to hear the baby is still a girl.  Of course we already knew, but I had a secret fear that the doctor would tell us something different than the 3d place had.  Not that a boy would be bad, but it would be a little weird to change our mindsets.  And nursery colors.

- There was a big consignment sale near us this week, and I forced Tony to go to it.  Alone.  My schedule wouldn't permit it, so I gave him some instructions and off he wearily went.  I was convinced he wouldn't get anything because he would be intimidated, but he came home with this:

I cracked up at how he displayed it all so proudly.  At only $30 for the lot, I was pleased.  It's all really nice basic stuff so now I can stop worrying that our baby will be perpetually naked.

- We also learned today that the baby is sitting right in front on my belly, which would explain why it feels like she has recently taken up kickboxing.  I love it.  

That, and cake.


  1. I am totally impressed with Tony's consignment skills! and look at all that pink!! Just folding it all up and putting it away would make me happy.

  2. wow!! i continue to be impressed by that tony!

    so exciting :). ...look forward to you being back to blogging! (but totally understand the absence) xo

  3. I just got mom's email of that picture, tony is awesome! Byron would have come back with a bib and maybe a pair of boy's shoes so he did good :)
    Also, save room for Lyla's hand-me-downs, I have literally boxes full :)
    Looking forward to you getting back in the blogging spirit, i've missed keeping up with you here!

    xoxox- Court

  4. Tony ROCKS. Rob laughed and said, "Don't expect that here." ;) What a good guy you have!!! To buy all that pink!! He's going to be a good Daddy. :)

  5. HOLY COW! Your husband is totally awesome. I love that he found so much great stuff. And it also makes me a bit nervous that I don't have any clothes for our little guy. I probably need to start finding some things, but I didnt' want to buy too much as I assume we'll be getting gifts, too.

  6. hahaha, I cracked up when I first saw this pic!!! Awesome! :)


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