Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Beautiful, Healthy Monster Baby

On Wednesday we got to go to the perinatal specialists again for a checkup, just to be sure baby is growing along as expected and no other complications had arisen beyond her clubfoot.

Happily, she got an A!  Looking healthy all around!  Her foot is still clubbed, of course, but the doctor reassured us this is a mild case compared to many she has seen.  Baby's heart, cord, fluid, measurements, etc. are all looking perfect - something so relieving to hear (again!).  

I also made some calls to the orthopedic doctor's office, and we can't do any preliminary meetings or anything - we need to wait until she's born and get a doctor's order to see them.  Kind of a bummer, since I was hoping to meet the doctor and get a little more information before she's born (while I still have a little sanity!), but I understand their time is extremely valuable.  There's not much they could tell us anyway, since we will just have to see what the foot looks like when she's born to make any sort of timing/treatment predictions.

No one wants to have to see a specialist during pregnancy, but you can't beat the extra-long ultrasounds you get when there!  It will never get old to watch her squirm around in there - and how fascinating is it that you can see organs and heart chambers and all that fun stuff??

We also learned that baby is head down already, which means the hard spot I keep feeling sticking out of the top of my belly is definitely her tiny little butt!  Consistent with what my regular OB has been saying, her measurements have her about 2 weeks ahead.  She already weighs 4.5 pounds!!  That's definitely above average and I'm trying not to worry that I will be birthing a monster baby.  All this is great... but also terrifying!  I have a class to finish!  I have panicking to do!  I need this girl to stay in there through the end of July!!  

Here are some pictures of her at one day short of 31 weeks.  I decided she looks kinda like either a ghost or a possum in the pictures, but in real life she looked totally cute with a little nose and chubby cheeks.

Her face straight on - chin to the left, forehead to the right

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  1. As your sister, I have seen these pictures for a week or so now. Having looked at them again on here, I finally can see her face! I dont know if I was just looking wrong but totally see her now. I think I wasn't looking at it as her face on sideways, I was expecting it to be up and down. Love that baby already. (Btw- Lyla calls her by her real name now instead of "baby cousin"- you'll see next week!)

  2. Glad she got a good report!

  3. Hi,

    I stumbled onto your blog today and wanted to say hello!

    My oldest (now 9 yrs) was born with unilateral left clubfoot but has the added problem of nerve damage.

    We went through some of the same treatment that your little one will go through (casts, tenotomy, shoes and bar) but because of the nerve damage, his treatment is still ongoing. I know it must feel a bit overwhelming to know that your little fragile baby will need casts and other things, but really, looking back, it is easier then first thought.

    I have a list of foot blogs on my blog and would love to add yours! If that is ok, please stop by my blog and let me know.

  4. suhweet! I can't wait to see this baby in person!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Claire! I added your blog to my list and look forward to updates from you!

  6. Don't you worry about those measurements. Henry measured way ahead too, and he ended up coming out at only 5 lbs 11 oz. Granted, he was early (which I don't wish on you of course), but it was still a bad prediction, because he wouldn't have been much more than 8 lbs at full term.


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