Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Fun

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday yesterday! We took it easy and relaxed and ate some good food.  The only thing we missed were fireworks - it was just too hot and late for this giant belly.

We celebrated by going to the Peachtree City parade, a major tradition.  Like, people take it very seriously.  (I wrote more on this last year)

The parade goes down one of the main roads in town - and people were putting up their tarps (to claim their spot) on Saturday.  It cracks me up each year to see the roadside turned into a tarp field.

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The parade is always fun - most floats throw out candy and you get to feel like a kid again.  This year I let Tony and my mother in law grab the candy while I sat firmly planted in a lawn chair. :)

Oh, golfcarts.

I always think it's so amusing too to see the road turned into a golfcart road on the 4th - it's happy chaos.

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