Saturday, July 14, 2012

So I Thought I Was Ready....

[Before you read this long drawn out story and get your hopes up, don't worry - baby's not here yet!]

On Thursday, I had my routine weekly doctor's appointment to check on the baby.  These have always gone well - very uneventful.  Well, this time, my blood pressure was super high.  It was morning and I hadn't done anything, and it had never been elevated before, so this was not good news.  The nurse said to sit and relax for a few minutes before she came back to check it again - but we were probably going to be sent over to labor and delivery.  Our doctor's office is in the hospital, so it would literally mean a trip down the hall - but how in the world was I supposed to relax with the possibility we might be having our baby that day???  Luckily Tony was there (he's been to all of the appointments - he's a saint).  I immediately thought of worst case scenarios - if my blood pressure remained high they would probably induce me.  

Just the day before, I was confidently telling people that we were as ready as we ever would be, and if she were to come that day, I would be fine with it.

Ha!  The minute there was any possibility she could be on her way soon - I was totally NOT ready!  I just couldn't imagine that I could be holding our daughter in less than 24 hours - it just didn't seem possible!  So surreal.  

Well, lo and behold, my pressure remained high, so we were sent over to be monitored.  I got all hooked up, got blood drawn, and an ultrasound to check on baby.  She looked great and was moving around like crazy, and it was pretty fun to hear her heartbeat on the monitor constantly.  They took my blood pressure every fifteen minutes (we were there for 4 hours - so they took it a bunch), and each time from there on out it was within the normal range.  

Nonetheless, due to some of the results of my blood work, swollen feet and face, and my doc's opinion, they think I do have pre-eclampsia.  Blagh.  My doctor described it as "low-lying," meaning it's just kind of lurking beneath the surface right now, but still manageable.  He said that if we can manage to keep it at bay until my body is ready to go into labor and keep a close eye on my blood pressure, then I should be ok to wait it out.  

This was good news, as it meant we weren't having a baby that day and that I can still try to wait to go into labor on my own (I don't really want to be induced if I don't have to!).  However, it also means that I'm on a modified version of bedrest.  Blagh.  Although I don't have to lie down constantly or anything like that (thank goodness!), I'm pretty much tied to the couch and taking it easy.  It's no sure bet, but he said it should help keep the pressure down.  Kind of annoying, considering it's going to be pretty boring and I would rather be doing productive things like cleaning and running errands (or even walking!), but if it keeps her in there baking, then that's all that matters.  At the worst, it will just be for 2 more weeks.  I have homework to keep my busy for a few more days, but after that, I might go crazy with cabin fever.  Maybe this baby will decide she's ready to come sometime sooner than July 27th?

Ha - and perhaps by then - I will actually be ready.


  1. wow. so happy to hear that everything is okay, or will be- with lots of rest on your part. and 2 more weeks?????? SO excited for you two!!! take advantage of the couch time (&'pre-baby time), and get caught up on any 'sit-down' activity you can!! :)

  2. We're thinking of you! I know what you mean about thinking you're ready and then not actually being ready. I've been complaining for a month about how "ready" I am to not be pregnant anymore, but if it happened tonight I would probably flip out :)

  3. Glad you and baby are ok and that you're resting! Not much longer! Thinking of you!

  4. Oh my. This sounds very familiar because this is exactly what happened in the day little ahenry made his appearance. Darn blood pressure. Thinking of you guys.

  5. Oh Claire! I'm so glad you guys are ok! I'm sorry about being stuck on the couch though. That's super lame. Those last few days of pregnancy involved LOTS of movie watching for me. I checked out anything that looked mildly interesting at the library. I will pray that she gets her act together and shows up early for you!! :):)

  6. Oh no! But I'm happy to hear that you're doing well...even if you're a little bored. :)

    The same thing happened to my best friend (who had a healthy little boy back in April)...high blood pressure two weeks before due date, lots of monitoring and bedrest. Just think of it as a time to catch up on all that sleep you'll be missing in a few weeks. ;)

    Hope you're not too bored, and have at least found a good book! Can't wait til your little girl makes an appearance! :)

  7. Scary- but glad you're both doing well. 2 weeks of couch time doesn't sound like a lot of fun- but enjoy the resting now because you won't get much of it in a couple of weeks. I bet you're super excited to meet her- even if you're not quite ready yet :)

  8. Well it sounds as if this is a pretty normal thing since I think I wrote this exact blog post almost two years ago! Literally, same things happened, went home on "sorta" bedrest. I remember reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and taking lots of naps. So that's what I recommend...dense Swedish novels and naps ;)

    It's such a crazy feeling right now though, knowing your life is going to be rocked any day now! Enjoy it mama!


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