Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekly Photos: Bumps and Babies

I had a lot of fun taking weekly photos of my growing baby bump.  I could never come up with something super creative, so I just went with the standard profile shot and fruit/veggie size comparison (seriously, half of the foods used are so obscure...)  I also decided to add three little snippets of what was going on that week. Sometimes I was grasping for news, other weeks there was much more going on.  I won't subject you to all of them, just a few select ones here - and the overall collage, which I think is pretty crazy - was I really that big only two weeks ago???

You can watch both my belly and my face get rounder!  I'm also greenish in many of the early ones.  Oh, and true confession:  I did a little editing of these in Picnik, then in PicMonkey once that was gone.  I figured if I couldn't safely whiten my teeth then I would do it digitally.  :)  The background wasn't ideal, but honestly, it was the only place in our house where there was a blank wall not interrupted by art or a window or something.

I wanted to stay true to the date I usually took the photos...and since I had a newborn, I wasn't quite up for fixing my scary hair/face.  Forgive me.

I liked that I was able to track pregnancy milestones through the photos, so I'm going that same route with Harper's weekly pics.  Now, I know weekly pics are a bit overboard, but I figure I'll count that as a hobby since I will be home with her for the first year and don't really know what we'll do with our time once she's a little less demanding... so, we'll take photos.  I love her sheets so much - so they are the backdrop.

I think I'm going to add a page to my blog where I can post these weekly - they won't show up as posts but will live on the blog if you're interested to see what she's up to each week (I know you are!  ... Mom? ...)

Not only will it be fun to see her grow, it will also serve as a bit of documentation of her treatment process.  I sure do love this cute snuggly baby. :)


  1. Please make it an actual st or I won't reemerge to check it out. I'd love t see that little cutie grow. And seriously? You were the most adorable pregnant lady.

    1. I meant to say make it a real post. Darn autocorrect.

  2. just catching up! i love this post. i think i'll try and do the weekly belly shots once i get pregnant again.


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