Monday, November 19, 2012

Dare to be ... Thankful!

Over the past few years, I have happily played along with Kim over at Newlywoodwards as she hosted her Dare to DIY series. 

It has always been serious motivation to get my craft on - at a time when nostalgia is brimming over and I feel the need to fill my home with sentimental decor.  This year, her series is even bigger! (check it out!)

 So this week - the challenge is to make something thankful-related - namely, Thanksgiving decor.  Here's what I've done in years past:

2010's Thankful blocks

2011's Thankful frame

Well, two years ago I made one of my favorite crafts - that Thankful block set - and I just don't really have much more room for Thanksgiving decorations.  So I cheated a bit and made something "thankful" that will last the whole year through.

I've wanted some DIY art for my laundry room for um, like a year now.  This was a good reason to get around to it.  The project was simple.  I knew I wanted a phrase, but also knew I have terrible handwriting.

So I gathered fancy watercolor paper and pencils given to me as a gift, some scrapbooking stickers I had around, a cup of water - and got to work.  I just stuck the stickers down and crossed my fingers that they wouldn't stick permanently to the paper (they didn't!). I think the American ones are a nice touch...

I then got to work with the watercolor pencils.  I have no idea how to use them properly.  The last time I watercolored was with the kid's little white strip with 5 colors thing. I think I did decently, all things considered.  I crossed my fingers again and peeled off the stickers, leaving the white words.  It worked!

I then popped it in a thrifted frame, and here it sits in our laundry room, an important reminder in a place where one might have a tendency to feel a little less than grateful, especially when scrubbing baby messes out of onesies.  

So no, not Thanksgivingy, but you could certainly do this method with seasonal colors too. :)

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  1. Love all your projects! Smart to put a sign about being thankful in a place where you do the most thankless chore ever - laundry! Great idea!

  2. Very cute, Claire! And I love that you can use it all year. So practical!

    I truly appreciate you linking up year after year. What an encouragement you are to me. I'm truly thankful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The laundry room is the perfect spot for a thankful sign!! I love how yours turned out. The colors are great!

    Thanks for joining in on the DIY fun!

  4. Wow, cool idea with the stickers! That is so perfect. I love the look of the watercolor, and it does a great job of adding some color to your laundry room. Great job, and thanks for joining in!


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