Friday, December 14, 2012

Holly Jolly!

This is our family Christmas card this year :)

I got the cards from Vistaprint - and I was honestly a little afraid of how they would turn out.  Vistaprint is cheap - but not necessarily the same quality as other sites.  The cards are flat 5x7s and were only $22 shipped for 50 cards, during one of their ubiquitous promotions.  Envelopes too!  It seemed too good to be true.

Now, I do love me some Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, and the like.  They certainly have beautiful designs and make cards you are proud to send out.  I even convinced my mom to get Minted cards this year for the family ones she sends out.  However, spending a lot of money just wasn't in the cards (get it?) for us this year.  So I went the cheap route and crossed my fingers.

They actually turned out great (in my humble opinion!).  The cards are about the thickness of a nice postcard and the image was really clear.  You could even put a photo on the back! (and no logo on these, which was nice)

I just edited the photo on Pic Monkey and added the text in Picasa, since my photo editing skills are pretty much limited to that.  I definitely want to keep this in mind for future cards or party invitations, etc.  It was easy to add my own text and worth it for the price.

So Merry Christmas - and Have a Happy New Year! 

(the back of our cards)

[I think it's obvious - but no paid promo here - just sharing something I liked in case you were interested!]

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