Monday, April 22, 2013

Harper's Dedication

Our sweet baby Harper got dedicated this weekend (basically, similar to baptism, but not).  My family, Grammy, Jon Jennifer and Ava, and Tony's parents were all able to come, so we did a lunch party right before the ceremony at 3.  It was a gorgeous day that actually felt like spring, not August, and I just felt so blessed to have our family there with us to support our little girl.  

Not only was it a nice celebration, but it was a great opportunity for Tony and I to reaffirm and really put thought into how we want to raise our children.  Along with some other "homework," we were supposed to write letters to Harper about our hopes for her life.  Tony went the humor route.  I kept hitting a block as I was trying to write mine, so it's not my finest work, but in the interest of always over-sharing everything all of the time, here it is:

My Sweetest Harper,
From the moment I knew you were growing inside me, I loved you.  I dreamed of the little baby you would be, and the girl you would become.  I worried for you, I prayed for you, and I even ate more veggies for you.  On the night you were born, as your dad held my hand and you made your way into this world, you took our breath away with your spirit.  You were mad and beautiful and overwhelmingly perfect.  You've changed our lives over these past months, and although it’s said by every new parent out there – I can’t believe there was ever life without you.  You light up my world and I marvel at you each day.  You learn and grow so fast.  Your smiles melt me and I cannot help but giggle every time you do.  I watch you solve problems and chew on your fingers and I imagine you one day watching a baby of your very own. 
I want you to know, through every moment, the storms and the sunshine, that you are loved, uncontrollably, unconditionally, wholeheartedly.  You will always be loved.  I want you to grow up to be a strong, loving, caring woman who is confident in who she is.  I want you to know it’s ok to have questions.  I want you to never stop learning.  I want you to be a source of good to all of those around you.  I want you to dream big.
 I hope you appreciate spring flowers and autumn breezes.  I hope you love family dinners and your daddy’s cooking.  You better like having your picture taken and getting hugs in front of your friends.  I hope you are filled with compassion and never take your life for granted.  I hope you laugh and love and give and create.  I pray you never forget God’s love for you, and that you radiate this joy. 
You fill my heart, to the brim.  I love you so very much little one.  I always will.Mom

We actually got a few really good family photos, which makes me quite happy too!

Oh, and I made this lemon cake for the first time, and it was AH-Mazing!  Seriously, make it.  It was easy and pretty. (I forgot the poppy seeds and kind of glad I did.  Also, add more powdered sugar for the glaze than what it calls for.  The glaze was more like a clear doughnut glaze than what it shows, but still good!)

All in all, it was a beautiful day, reminding us all about how wonderful it is to have a loving, supportive family helping you raise your baby.


  1. So sweet! Thanks for the cry at work :)

    Love the family portrait, you three look great!

  2. Not your finest work? Still totally made me tear up at work. :) What a beautiful day! She's lucky to have such a good Mama. :)

  3. your words are incredibly heart-warming... filled with pure LOVE.

    what a beautiful family harper is blessed to be a part of :).

  4. Tears. Glorious tears.

    Your pictures just exude happiness and love and all that jazz. You can tell Harper is surrounded by so much good. You all look fantastic too, I'm about to copy your hair!

  5. My mom wrote a letter to me the day I started kindergarten and it makes me cry every time I read it. Harper will love reading your letters once she is older!


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