Friday, April 19, 2013

Love One Another.

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The past few weeks, we've been talking in our small group about how very crucial it is to love one another. It's a poignant coincidence, on a week (year? decade?) when we've seen such sadness, but also endless examples of people doing just that - loving one another. We've been talking about how, as a Christian, loving one another is the most important "rule" to follow, trumping all others. This isn't a bad rule to follow, regardless of faith. And unfortunately, this obligation of love is often forgotten, submerged under judgement and self-righteousness, breezed over as soft or irrelevant. It's undoubtedly the hardest "rule" of all to follow. It's ambiguous and slippery, and requires pushing down all of those selfish actions and feelings that bubble to the surface in all of us.

But it's also embraced by so very many, often the ones who go about quietly, unnoticed and not seeking credit. I relish the times when these lovers, these good-doers, who operate their lives in a way that radiates love to every person around them, get noticed. Big actions, little actions, we should always find ways to show love to those around us, especially the ones who are needing it the most.

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