Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Easter Post

It seems like it would be unnatural to go without posting pictures of our Easter, according to my blog feed.  So here you go. :)

We had a busy day and as much as I would like to think otherwise, my kid is just a baby and isn't interested in all that much.  We went to church in the morning as always and then all snuck in a nap.  Our friends have recently started a partner church to the one we go to, so we volunteer there with the 3-5th graders on Sunday nights.  (I love this age group - they always have such insightful things to say that tend to surprise us.  It's humbling and enlightening.)  Harper gets double-socialized on Sundays to make up for the rest of the week...

So Harper just put on a cute dress she already had, I stuck some stuff in a box I already had, and we called it a day.  She chewed on some eggs until I got creeped out knowing they were probably covered in chemicals.  Oh well.

It was still pretty darn cute.

Target Dollar Spot -what what!

This kid is such a ham.   


  1. She looks like she had some fun! And, wow does she look like Tony!

  2. She's soooooo cute. Love her. And look at the good doggy in the background :)

  3. She is just too cute, Claire!

  4. I mean, seriously? She is so happy and fat and I love it. The other day you made a face that reminded me of her, which is funny because this whole time I thought she looked a lot like Tony, but she really is a good mix of the both of you.

  5. I love your honesty. And your cute little baby girl who I want to sqeeze. Henry just wanted to eat the eggs and shake them when I put puffs in them. Hilarious little beings.


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