Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby Isaac!

The past couple of weeks have been the kind that have been busy - not crazy busy or even stressful busy... but the kind where you have things planned and then look down and the day is winding to a close and you didn't get much done.  We've had lots of happy things happen and friends and family to spend time with.  Yet it's mid May and here we are.


Happy news!  On April 30th, our little nephew Isaac was born!!  (If you follow me on Instagram you have already been spammed baby pics - apologies. (claireity66)).  He is such a sweet little thing and looks so much like his sister did when she was born.

The hospital let Ava go in and be with him while he got checked and cleaned up.  And luckily, much like with her birth, we were able to peep through the windows of the nursery and witness his first minutes in this world.  What a blessing babies are.  Truly.

Proud Papa

This is my favorite one - Tony's all - ohh, this is a minutes-old baby, I'm just gonna casually hold him like this... 
Happy family.

It was great to be a part of such a wonderful day.  Isaac marks the beginning of lots of babies that are soon to be born that we know (including my sister's around Halloween and quite a few friends!).  (And I kinda want another one again now).  (Eventually).  (Don't tell Tony.) (Because he's all about another.) (Believe it or not.) 

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