Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Thoughts for the Week

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We kept it simple, but I was living vicariously through everyone's lake/beach/camping/etc pictures!

- Harper is 10 months old - what the what??  That's totally downhill to one year, and she's starting to act it, too!

- We worked (a little) on making steps towards getting our kitchen finished.  It's been half-done for a few months as we lost steam after opening up the doorway and painting.  We're putting up beadboard, so the walls were half painted with torn off chair rail.  It's been ugly.  Glad we're getting back at it!

- We house/dogsat for Tony's parents the past twoish weeks while they were in Europe (lucky dogs!).  We always go and stay at their house (like five minutes from our own house) when they go away, since it's just way too crowded at our house with four dogs.  It used to be easier when there were just two of us and a small bag... now it requires multiple carloads full of stuff, mostly baby paraphernalia.  So while we were more than happy to do it, I feel like we just got back from a trip.  I'm happy to sleep in our own bed again.

- Budgeting - ugh!  My last post was so positive and youcandoit! and blah blah.  The realities do kinda suck though, sometimes.  This month has been tight, mostly because we overspent early and there are five weeks.  We were glad we could raid Tony's parents' fridge while we were there!  Usually Tony is the one who handles the finances - I'm informed and on-board with the big picture, but he handles the day-to-day, since that's his forte.  However, this month, I handled things, since he was pretty busy with work and etc.  Maybe it's just the fact that I don't usually concern myself with the details, and instead leave that burden to him, but this month it has weighed on me.  That's why I wrote that budget post in the first place.  I have so much I want and/or need to buy, and it's just not possible.  I am constantly weighing costs and have a running tally of how much we (don't) have.  We even rolled change (hello $40!).  It's stressful!  It makes me thankful Tony usually bears the brunt of it.  And as always, it's great to know that it's not that we literally don't have the money, we just want to stick to the budget and not dip into savings.  Very grateful for that.

- I've been out and about!!  As a followup to that post about being afraid to go out with just Harper and I, I went so many more places this month.  And like you all said - once I did it, it just got easier and easier.  I feel like I'm finally over that mental hurdle.

- Mikey and Kacy's baby Finn was born last week!  I need to post about him.  He's precious.  Kim and Corey are due soon as well, so it's a baby-type of summer.  I love it!

- I've been working out!  I posted this on Instagram already, but I logged over 12 miles last week, some running, some walking.  It feels so good right now, and I'm really wanting to just keep going so I don't lose steam.  

Brain dump...over.


  1. Hello! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now, because I am convinced that my family should move to Peachtree City. We live west of Atlanta currently. Our only concern is that we may not be able to buy a house because our budget is less than $100k. How does is the twiggs corner reputation? We looked into winmeade and were disappointed. Do you have any advive for me? It is just my fiance, our three year old son and myself. Please email me at

    1. Hi Katherine! Thanks for your comment! We really do love Peachtree City - it's just so pretty and you can't beat having the cart paths always accessible for walking. I really don't know too much about Twiggs Corner - sorry!! We too were on the lower end of pricing for houses compared to most around here, and there really aren't too many options! Sorry I can't be much help, but good luck with your search!!


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