Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You've Gotta Start Somewhere...

About 2 weeks ago, we planted the grass for the front yard. And for two weeks, nothing happened. We had been watering diligently...but nothing. Since I have a notoriously brown thumb, I had given up hope. Then finally, this weekend, tiny little blades started coming up in a few areas. Granted, there are some patches where rain has washed everything away, but we'll tackle that next year. If you look reallllly closely in the picture above, you can see some green.
Also this weekend we put in our "island." Since it was practically a blank canvas, with no big trees dictating where we had to put it, we just sort of randomly picked a place, and went with it. As much as I wish we could have gone all-out -- we can't.. So our landscaping is small, and really it's just the basics for now. Come next fall, we will hopefully be one year wiser and will know what to add to it to really make it nice.
We put in a dogwood, a rhododendron, and some azaleas. Do those plants grow well together? - who knows! - but Home Depot had them, so we got them. So as scrawny and wimpy as it looks now, hopefully these little plants will grow and look great eventually! And once the ugly straw is up, perhaps it won't look so sad!

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  1. wow - congrats on the grass - I don't even wanna think about landscaping...my thumb is so brown the plants would die if I just touched them :)


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