Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tennessee's Finest

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hitting up Nashvegas for the weekend with two of my favorite people - JoB and Adrienne. Since I was coming from Atlanta, they drove separately from Knoxville and we met up there.

Although it was frigidly cold, we had our sc(y)arfs in tow and braved going out on the town. Mind you, it was like 30 - which, yes, is freezing for us. Highlights of the weekend included the matching pj pants Adrienne brought for us (we are nerds!),

eating, seeing some great live music (and some not so great),

learning a line dance or two,

taking random pictures (of course),
eating, people watching, George Washingtons, and going to sketchy gas stations where we feared for our lives. :)

I had a great time seeing them, and we have decided to make trips like these bi-annually, at the least. As soon as we are all millionaires, we will graduate to out of state, exotic locales - but for now, we will do the best we can-- within driving distance!

ps- Adam, I'm glad you enjoy reading this! :) Also, never stop working for Marriott, we want to keep using you for your discount!

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  1. looks like you gals had a great time - I loved the random posing with animal statues! Also LOVE the pj pants - where did she get them?


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