Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Kitchen

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of choirs of happy children singing and doves flying through rainbow-filled skies …. as I open the door to my fancy new fridge! (I didn’t want to go overboard by saying there were angels singing…)

Who would have thought major appliances would take the place of clothes and jewelry as the objects of my desire???

We had a lot of white happening in our kitchen due to the plethora of white cabinet doors – and the white fridge and yellow stove didn’t help one bit.


Now we are the proud owners of a new baby stove and fridge. The black/stainless mix we have now is as close as we’re gonna get to having a fancy kitchen. The darker colors help break up the white and will definitely help sell the house later on down the road.

*we aren’t planning on moving any specific time soon – but since we know this isn’t our “forever house” we are trying to only make big improvements that will help house value/are selling points to make the best use of our money - but only if it makes us happy in the meantime!*

The fridge is bigger and BETTER! And our stove was original to the house – ie – OLDER THAN ME. So it is nice to cook on a flat surface (no more sliding all of the food to one side of a pan to accommodate the askew burner) and not worry about 25+ years of gunk getting in our food. And by cook, I do mean, watch Tony cook for me.

And we got quite a deal on these babies, so that helps!

Um.. by the way - the fridge isn't that shiny in real life...

Our house is finally starting to look nice – floors, updated kitchen, … woo!!

Now on to that list… --->


  1. Claire! It looks phenomenal. I am loving the stainless. Definitely breaks up the white - good call. Your house is stunning, you both have done an amazing job.

  2. Nice ! I love that the fridge and stove are your babies. Too funny. It looks great. You are lucky ducks over there!

  3. oooo so pretty! Enjoy the angel's songs. And the improvement in the electricity bill! A new fridge is on our list, too. For now I'll just happily drool at yours. ;)

  4. First hardwoods and now stainless steel appliances? Definitely the two things that make a house look so fancy!! I'm so proud of how domestic you have become!


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